Application of ACREL-5000 Energy Monitoring System in Rushan Civic Center

This paper introduces the comprehensive construction of the Rushan Civic Center, using intelligent power meters to collect various electrical parameters and switching signals from the power distribution site. The system adopts the on-site local networking mode. After networking, it communicates through the field bus and travels to the background. Through the Acrel-5000 building energy consumption monitoring system, the distribution circuit power and the on-site gas meter and flow meter are real-time. monitor.
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1 Introduction

At present, China is already the world's second largest energy producer and consumer. Statistics show that China's building energy consumption accounts for about 28% of the country's total energy consumption. Of the 2 billion square meters of new buildings built in China each year, 99% of them It is a high-energy building; only 4% of existing buildings have adopted energy-saving measures. Large public buildings not only have high energy density, but also have very serious energy waste. They have huge energy-saving space. The promotion of building energy conservation is imperative, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and measurement first.

Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, Shandong Province has achieved remarkable results in building energy conservation and green building work, built 360 million square meters of energy-efficient buildings, obtained 6 million square meters of green building signage projects, and implemented 78 million square meters of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. The energy conservation supervision system for office buildings and large public buildings was basically established. However, it also faces some outstanding problems, mainly: the urban and rural construction mode is relatively extensive, the energy consumption of the building construction and use process is high, the utilization efficiency is low, the construction life cycle monitoring mechanism is imperfect, and the development level of green buildings needs to be improved.

Vigorously carry out green building actions, guiding urban and rural construction with green, recycling and low-carbon concepts, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of resource and energy use, alleviating the tension between supply and demand of resources and energy; helping to reduce total energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions, and ensure energy conservation and reduction It is conducive to promoting the optimization and upgrading of the construction industry, cultivating strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy; it is conducive to improving building comfort and health and improving the production and living conditions of the people. All levels and departments should take green building actions as an important part of vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization, further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, make overall plans, implement them, and promote urban and rural construction on a green, circular and low-carbon scientific development track. To promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development.

2 Design basis

GB-T 15587-2008 "Energy Management Guidelines for Industrial Enterprises"

"Technical Guidelines for Evaluating the Reasonable Use of Electricity by Enterprises"

General Rules for the Preparation of Enterprise Energy Conservation Planning

"General Principles of Enterprise Energy Auditing Technology - GB"

GBT23331-2009 "Energy Management System Requirements"

GB-50052-2009 "Design Specification for Power Supply and Distribution System"

â—† Energy consumption metering device national and industry standards

DL/T 645-1997 Multi-function Energy Meter Communication Protocol

DL/T 645-2007 Multi-function Energy Meter Communication Protocol

CJ/T 188-2004 Household metering data transmission technical conditions

GB/T 19582-2008 Industrial automation network specification based on Modbus protocol

3 Project Overview

Rushan Citizen Service Center has a construction area of ​​36,000 square meters. It mainly integrates the functions and resources related to enterprises and citizens' services, and integrates into four platforms: “government services, enterprise services, human services and social management”. The comprehensive service-oriented organization allows the masses to "go into a door and do a hundred things."

The on-site equipment in the project is located in the office building of Rushan Citizen Service Center. It is necessary to include the meter in the scope of monitoring, supervise the situation of electric energy consumption, keep abreast of energy consumption and improve energy-saving awareness.

4 system architecture

Acrylic's Acrel-5000 building energy analysis management system uses the workstation host, communication equipment and measurement and control unit as the basic tools, providing a basic platform for real-time data acquisition, switch status monitoring and remote management and control of large public buildings. The detection and control equipment constitutes an arbitrarily complex monitoring system. The system mainly adopts a layered distributed computer network structure, as shown in the system structure diagram: the Rushan Civic Center project energy management system station management layer and network communication layer. There are 56 rail-type electric energy meters on site.

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System structure diagram

6 system software module

â—† Integrated energy main interface

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Reflecting the comprehensive energy consumption of the energy consumption of the buildings and the conversion to standard coal in the current year, and calculating the energy consumption per unit area;

The metering by meter is mainly the power consumption, and the energy consumption curve of the day is displayed at the bottom of the interface; clicking the upper area of ​​each classified energy consumption can jump to the energy analysis main interface of the energy consumption of the classification;

The building can be switched through the drop-down box, and the building picture can be replaced according to the project requirements;

â—† Classification energy main interface

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Reflecting the energy consumption and comparison, growth percentage and added value of the energy consumption (eg electricity) of a certain classification on the same day and the same period of the previous year, the current month and the same period of the previous month, the current year and the same period of the previous year;

Reflecting the energy consumption trends of the past 48 hours, the past 31 days, the past 12 months, and the past 3 years of a classified energy consumption;

The energy consumption pie chart for the month reflecting the energy consumption of a sub-item;

Reflecting the energy consumption of a certain classification in each month of the year;

â—† Classification energy consumption branch energy consumption report

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The branch road can be flexibly selected, and the daily, monthly, weekly, seasonal and annual energy of the branch road energy can be counted in a certain period of time;

Through the powerful pivot table, users can perform a variety of data statistics and combine and sort the data;

Statistics can be displayed in a variety of charts, such as histograms, dotted lines, stacked charts, and pie charts;

Statistics can be exported to Excel;

â—† Classification energy consumption branch non-working daily energy

Statistics on the working days of each branch and non-working days, non-working days can be flexibly set through the system

Statistics can be exported to Excel;

â—† Year-on-year analysis of classified energy consumption branches

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Count the monthly energy use of each branch in the same year and use energy in the same period last year;

â—† Classification energy consumption branch

Query the meter readings of any two branches of each branch and calculate the difference;

Time accuracy to minutes;

â—† Analysis of energy consumption trend of classified energy consumption branches

It can query the energy parameters (such as voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.) of any branch for a certain period of time. The specific queryable parameters are related to the installed instrument and system configuration.

The data is displayed in the form of a chart or a table. The chart can be enlarged, reduced, and moved by mouse operation; the data can be sorted (maximum, minimum);

Data can be exported to Excel;

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â—† Configuration options

According to the relevant technical specifications, the basic information of the building is configured, for example: building function, building area, air-conditioning area, building address, etc., wherein the building area and other information will be analyzed by energy consumption per unit area;

Configure the basic information such as the type, model, and manufacturer of the instrument used in the project, and add the monitoring parameter information that can be provided by the instrument. The configuration here affects the energy consumption statistics, the time-use energy statistics, and the parameter query function.

Configure all the meters used in the project, save the address, ratio, corresponding collector, code, name of the monitoring circuit, etc. of the meter;

The information about the meter, the proportion, and the calculation method involved in configuring the energy consumption statistics can be flexibly configured according to the project conditions. The configuration information here will affect the functions of the energy consumption sub-items in each category. ;

Configure each department to use the corresponding meter, calculation method, proportion and department energy consumption plan. After completing this configuration, the department energy consumption analysis function module will be enabled;

Configure the meter, calculation mode, and proportion of a certain energy-using area in the building. After completing this configuration, the area energy analysis function module will be enabled.

7 Outlook

According to the analysis of energy consumption performance of Rushan Civic Center, a typical energy consumption analysis model was established and unified analysis.

a. Establish a building energy consumption measurement system, reduce the energy consumption of the building, find the black screen of energy consumption, and make the energy-saving transformation more targeted. At the same time, consolidate the results of energy-saving transformation through management measures such as metering and charging and performance appraisal.

b. Select an energy saving device.

c. Even the best energy-saving equipment can not afford to save energy. By increasing the automation energy-saving equipment, formulating equipment operation strategies, reducing human intervention, and centralized control, energy-saving equipment is achieving energy conservation.

d. Quantify the results of energy-saving retrofits through the same-loop analysis data provided by the energy consumption monitoring system to maximize the energy-saving effect.

8 Conclusion

The total area of ​​large-scale public buildings is less than 4% of the total area of ​​urban buildings, but the total energy consumption accounts for 22% of the total electricity consumption of cities and towns. The annual electricity consumption per unit area of ​​large public buildings reaches 70-300KWh, which is 10 for ordinary residential buildings. ~20 times. Public buildings are the main energy-saving households and energy-saving priorities. It is of great significance to promote the energy-saving work of the Rushan Civic Center and to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction targets.


Technical Requirements for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2008] No. 114

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