Nippon Paint True and False Differentiate Methods to Fight Counterfeits to Protect Consumer Rights

Nippon Paint, Nippon, which operates in China, was established and funded in Singapore in 1962 by the Immediate Group. Since its founding in 1881, it has experienced more than 100 years of continuous improvement and innovation. Now it has become one of the world's most important automotive paint suppliers and one of the largest building decorative paint suppliers. Its production and sales volume has always ranked first in the Asia Pacific region. It ranks in the top ten in the global chemical industry. Among them, architectural coatings, automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil steel coatings, and powder coatings are among the best in the industry. Nippon's international network has spread across more than a dozen countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas. As one of the few manufacturers in the world that can provide all paint products, its high quality products have won the trust and praise of global users. Avoid buying fake Nippon Paint. Nippon Paint's true and false identification method must be understood. The simplest method of identification is to directly land Nippon Paint's official website for authenticity inquiry, or you can call Nippon Paint Hotline Customer Service Phone to inquire. . The following describes the true and false identification method of Nippon Paint from the details.

Nippon Paint Introduction

Nippon China is part of the Singapore Liss Group. In 1992, Nippon Paint entered China and has become a leading brand in the coatings industry in China in recent years. Nippon has always been committed to beautifying and protecting people's lives. It has continuously created products with superior quality and has beautiful colors in every corner of China. As the largest paint manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region, Nippon has always been aiming to develop green products, focusing on high technology, and high quality. It constantly advances scientific research and development with its technical force, so that Nippon Paint is always in a leading position and meets society and market to the greatest extent. Demand. Nippon's business covers a wide range of fields, covering a wide range of fields, among which architectural coatings, automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil coatings, heavy anti-corrosion coatings, and powder coatings are among the best in the industry. The Shanghai World Expo venues, key venues for the Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games venues, the new station site of CCTV, etc., all their faces are under the protection of Nippon Paint. Nippon has enriched people's increasingly beautiful life and has received more attention and trust from people.

The members of Lise Group in China include: Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., Langfang Libang Paint Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Libang Paint Co., Ltd., Yashili Paints (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. Coatings (Foshan) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Shanghai) Coatings Research and Development Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., Kaibo Libang Automotive Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. Investment Co., Ltd., Nippon Industrial Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint (Hebei) Co., Ltd., and Nippon Paint (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

In 2010, Nippon China launched the Corporate Social Responsibility Program with "Nippon, Evergreen's Color" (ECOLOR) as its core spirit, combining "ECO (Green, Eco)" and "COLOR (Color)" With the mission of the three major cycles of nature, economy, and responsibility, we are committed to the development of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly paints, and will fully implement the five corporate social responsibility programs including employee care, 1+3 plan, coloring for love, green action, and community care. Balance, sustainable euphemism "color", hand in hand with consumers and the environment to create a sustainable future.


Nippon Paint purchase method

Now people's requirements for Nippon latex paint are no longer limited to decorative, but also emphasis on functionality, so when purchasing, the function of latex paint is very important, according to different parts of the brush to choose latex paint. For example, latex paints used on the walls of bedrooms and living rooms require strong adhesion, delicate texture, good resistance to differentiation and air permeability, and latex paints for kitchens and bathrooms should be waterproof, mold-proof and easy to wash.

Inferior emulsion paint not only affects the construction quality, but also contains unqualified chemical raw materials that can harm human health. They should try to purchase them from specialty stores or special dealer stores. When purchasing, check the product's packaging, appearance and intrinsic quality.

1) After the lid is opened, the truly environmentally-friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and odorless, so if the latex paint has a pungent odor or industrial flavor when it is smelling, it is not an ideal choice.

2) After a period of time, the surface of genuine latex paint will form a very thick and elastic oxide film, which will not be easily cracked, while inferior products will only form a very thin film that is fragile and has a spicy smell.

3) Mix the latex paint with wooden sticks and pick it up with wooden sticks. The high-quality latex paint will become fan-shaped when going down the drain.

4) Touch with your finger, genuine latex paint should feel smooth and delicate.

5) Latex paint is applied to the wall and wiped with a damp cloth. The genuine color is as bright as new. The defective product will fade due to poor coagulation and water resistance.

6) Look at the ingredients when purchasing. The composition of the high-quality paint should be a copolymer resin or a pure acrylic resin.

7) Don't forget to look at the product's shelf life.

Although latex paint has many advantages such as convenient construction, strong hiding power, rich colors, scrub resistance, and strong environmental protection, it also has some common problems of quality, and poor handling will affect the quality of decoration.

1, wall flowers, uneven color

Mainly because the grassroots are of different colors and they are not processed. This situation must be re-brushed again to cover it. In addition, when selecting the materials, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the same manufacturer, the same variety, and the same lot number, otherwise there will be a color difference.

2, rough surface

The main reason is that the primary treatment is not clean, the brush has sand, debris or the operating environment is not clean. First, clean the base layer, thoroughly clean the brush, and clean the environment. The main reason for peeling is that the grass is too smooth or oily. The base layer can be brushed and cleaned with a steel brush to clean the base layer, and the oil can be decontaminated with a solvent.

3, cracking the wall

This phenomenon is most common and the specific reasons depend on the circumstances. If it is a GRC lightweight partition, joints must be carefully treated for crack prevention. Generally, glass fiber or kraft paper is used. The characteristics of the partition wall are prone to small cracks. Therefore, it is best to minimize cracking in home decoration. Once covered with glass fiber cloth or bean bag cloth, if the sand wall putty needs to be removed, it is best to put plasterboard after eradication of putty or eradicate the sand to the grassroots; if it is a load-bearing wall or solid wall, the cracking may be due to putty too thick or spaced Short time, putty is not dry, this situation in the old house when the top of the wall leveling the emergence of more situations, construction should pay attention.


Nippon Paint true and false identification method

Method 1: Look

1, look at the carton, barrel body: Nippon product packaging theme pattern outline is clear, no nesting is not allowed, the font is fuzzy and other printing problems, the same color. Counterfeit goods usually show signs of opening, and the lid is very loose; or the lid and barrel do not feel the same; the barrel is relatively old but the lid is relatively new, and the color of the barrel and the lid may not be the same;

2, look at the product (applicable to latex paint only): After opening the bucket, stir the paint and check the appearance. The normal product should be uniform and delicate without caking.

3, to see the contents of the label: Nippon product label printing fonts clear, complete information, no damage, defects or repeated adhesive traces. Nippon Packaging Co., Ltd. has a 13-digit code of origin/production date/lot number on the packaging label. The combination format is the production area code 1/production date 8/lot number 4, and there is a batch number on the label of each barrel package in the carpentry package carton. An 8-digit production order number;

4. Look at the trademarks: Nippon’s products are mainly marked with the words “Nippon (Mark No. 1692156)” and “(Mark No. 3485390)”; not marked by the above specifications, it is allegedly infringing. product;

5. Look at the product identification code: The only non-replicable product identification code with a 10-digit number attached to the label, if the patterns and figures are incomplete, or if the identification numbers of the two or more barrels and products are identical, that is, there is a suspected counterfeit;

6. Look at the factory site: The four production plants of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. marked “Nippon” and “Brand” are: Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. Companies and Nippon Paint (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.; if the “production factory” marked on the product is not the company’s name, it is an allegedly infringing product.

Method 2: Check

The so-called "check" is to inquire product barcodes through some channels to distinguish whether Nippon Paint is true or false. At present, there are mainly three ways:

1, mobile phone "message" query method: send text messages to the number 13636624135, the command format is 1687 ********** where 1687 is the command, ********** is ten products Mark, "order" and "identification code" between the spaces or numbers, tariff standards are based on local mobile / Unicom SMS standard tariffs (Nippon Paint does not charge SMS charges);

2, telephone inquiries: Call "Nippon Paint" free service hotline 8008101687, the label on the origin code, production date, production batch number, product identification code to inform the hotline service personnel;

3, the network query method: landing Nippon official website ( query.

Method 3: Smell

This method of distinguishing between Nippon Paint and Nippon Paint is only applicable to Nippon Latex Paint. After opening the barrel, the product smells. Normal products should be free from abnormal irritating odors.

Avoid buying fake Nippon Paint products

1: Purchased in a specialty store or hypermarket designated by Nippon.

2: Keep the legal basis such as purchase invoices or receipts to avoid buying fake paint without reference.

3: Once a query is found, it will be queried according to the authenticity of the barcode query channel. After Nippon Technologies has confirmed the infringement, Nippon will assist consumers in safeguarding their legal rights.

4: If customers have doubts about the authenticity of the products purchased at Nippon Store or hypermarkets, they can submit Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. if necessary and use technical means to conduct final inspections to determine the authenticity of the products. Therefore, it is recommended that customers retain the outer packaging of products suspected of being infringed or that cannot be identified on the spot. The label should be completely visible and retain the capacity of 500 ml or more of suspected counterfeit products in the undiluted state. Contact local service personnel to confirm delivery to Nippon Do identification.

Editor's summary: The above is a brief introduction of Nippon Paint's true and false identification methods to combat counterfeit goods to protect consumers' rights and interests, and hopes to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

Nippon Paint

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