960H camera development features detailed

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The 960H camera technology has not received the attention it deserves in the security industry. After the problems of DSP, DVR and Decoder, it has fallen sharply. However, through the author's observation, it is found that in recent years, the 960H camera is in video overhead. The technical aspects have been improved qualitatively. Xiaobian summed up the development characteristics of the 960H camera and discussed it with everyone.
First, let's talk about three major advantages in the development of the 960H camera: the important color loop technology (ColorRecover), the wide dynamic improvement technology (WideDynamicRange), the signal noise high signal ratio (SignalNoiseRatio) noise control force (NoiseReduction) . Through the above three characteristics, we can see that the 960H camera will have a good development.
Important ColorRecover: The 960H camera has high sensitivity response and reduction gain in different colors when lighting conditions are different or lighting conditions are different. Let the picture be able to present a clear video.
WideDynamicRange: The camera's monitoring performance for indoor and outdoor light, strong light targets or strong background backlights (ie, backlight and brightness contrast) is greatly enhanced, from 50dB, 75dB to 120dB. The development of wide dynamic ratio technology is getting better and better. The closer the backlight compensation and exposure shutter technology must be adjusted and matched, the best wide dynamic efficiency can be obtained. The wide dynamics under the matching of camera and environment can really play its proper role. effect.
Signal Noise High Noise Ratio (SignalNoiseRatio) Noise Control (NoiseReduction): The 960H camera has higher control quality of signal and noise and stronger color reproduction ability. The noise suppression capability is very strong.
Through the detailed explanation of the above three points, we can easily see that the future development of the 960H camera is considerable, and we hope that the security industry will work together to create a better security future.

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