How to correctly install LED display

As we all know, the current product quality in Shandong LED display market is uneven, of course, the quality of the product directly affects the display effect and life of the display screen, do not know even if the use of LED products with better quality display unit board, if not professional Construction team, the installation process operation is not standardized, also affect the display effect and life of the display, the following Jinan Wanhui how to correctly install the display to share with you:

Pre-installation preparation - wiring and electrical safety
1 After the frame is securely fastened, fix the power supply to the screen as required, and connect the power supply according to the distance between the power supply and the power supply.

2 The color of the single-phase power supply line can be red or yellow (FireWire), black or green (neutral), or yellow-green (ground) cables.

3 Air switch Please select according to site wiring requirements.

4 Three-phase five-wire system, yellow line is A line, green line is B line, red line is C line, blue line is neutral line N, and black line (or yellow-green line) is ground line PE. Full-color three-phase five-wire wiring requires that the ground wire be grounded during wiring. When using three-phase five-wire cabling, be sure to distribute the power evenly to each live wire. It is forbidden to see serious deviations in the power of the three-phase lines.

5 The control card and adapter card must be fixed in place with the pendant and insulation pad. If the card is damaged or the display screen is not normal because the adapter card or control card contacts the surrounding conductive objects, it will be regarded as the engineering installer. The responsibility for the operation.

Careful attention during installation

1 Carefully check whether the entire screen is flat and there is no height inequality.

2 During the installation process, ensure that the display magnet or the clip is fixed on the vertical beam to ensure that the cable between the unit board and the unit board is well connected between the modules without loosening or loosening. Between the two poles of the power cord is going right.

The 35V power supply cable must be properly connected. The terminal is pressed evenly on the power terminal to prevent it from falling off.

4 outdoor display According to the specific environment needs to glue the place must be sealed, to prevent the entry of rain. The glue must be carefully used to prevent the glue from affecting the heat in the wrong place.

After-sale customer training

After the installation is completed, the customer needs to leave a text or electronic version of the software operating instructions to give the customer the necessary operational demonstration. Training customers to perform proficient software operations, parameter settings, etc., to prevent human error in software operation affect the display screen.

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