Application of Yudian AI Intelligent Temperature Control Instrument in Experimental Unit of Air Conditioning Unit

Yu electricity regulator AI Artificial Intelligence and Control Software AIFCS products in three thousand four hundred and nineteen Technology Co., Ltd. of drying equipment application Lanzhou Jiaotong experimental system of heating ventilation air conditioning units laboratory Qinghai: Zhang taught Summary: Yu electricity regulator AI Artificial Intelligence And industrial control configuration software AIFCS products in the Lanzhou Jiaotong University Tongtong laboratory air conditioning unit experimental system application Keywords: AI artificial intelligence regulator data acquisition monitoring Introduction: In recent years, the development of domestic secondary instruments is very rapid, a lot of emerged Manufacturer, and I have a special liking for Yudian Instrument AI artificial intelligence regulator, especially its advanced modular structure, rich output specifications, which solved the problems I encountered in the field, especially in Lanzhou Jiaotong University. The application of the data acquisition and monitoring system of the laboratory air conditioning unit experimental system and the transformation in the boiler electric control cabinet has deepened my understanding of Yudian AI artificial intelligence regulator and industrial control configuration software AIFCS products, which benefited a lot.
1. System Overview The Lanzhou Jiaotong University Tongtong Laboratory newly purchased a set of simulated air conditioning unit test devices. On this air conditioning unit test device, there are 13 temperature, 4 flow and 1 differential pressure test points respectively, so as to facilitate the test to collect data. There is also a set of radiator radiator test bench, which has 24 temperature test points. It requires real-time browsing and online monitoring of the data collected by the test. Real-time data and historical reports are centrally managed and processed on the upper PC.
2, system hardware configuration The monitoring system structure is shown below:
Figure 1: Monitoring system structure
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The whole air-conditioning data acquisition and monitoring system consists of a host PC, a U-power RS232/RS485 converter, 7 AI artificial intelligence high-precision 6-channel inspection instruments, 37 platinum thermal resistance Pt100, 4 flow sensors and one The differential pressure transmitter is composed. The field data was collected by using the AI-706M6 road inspection instrument with communication function, and the measurement accuracy was 0.2. The collected data can be directly displayed on the inspection instrument, and communicated with the host computer through RS-485 serial communication, achieving centralized monitoring of 37 channel temperature, 4 channel flow and 1 channel differential pressure. All parameters on the AI ​​regulator can be displayed in the host computer or downloaded from the host computer.

3, software composition

The configuration software adopts the AIFCS product of Yu Electrical Control Configuration Software. The software and the U-meter are used together to form the intelligent instrument field bus system. The communication mode is RS485; the instrument adopts AIBUS communication protocol, 8 data bits, 1 or 2 Stop position, no check digit, complete data acquisition and processing of general workstation, real-time and historical data processing, the system is stable and reliable, convenient to replace the labor of a large number of field staff and complete automatic monitoring of the site, at any time or Print various reports at regular intervals. According to the customer's process flow, the layout of the virtual field device is displayed on the screen, and the online status of the device is dynamically displayed. The corresponding labels and data are marked on the actual installation position of the sensor and other related devices, so that the user can understand more intuitively. The actual source of the data on the screen can improve the efficiency of the accident in the event of an accident. The system sets the alarm generation time, form, length and release mode according to the customer's requirements, and performs alarms in real time quickly and accurately. And save the alarm type, alarm time, response time, end time, real-time data after the alarm, the operator, etc., the information required by the customer, and the query of the alarm data can be more convenient and reliable. The real-time curve, historical curve switching and powerful curve query function make the use of the curve easier and more flexible. The system login mode is divided into system startup login, login during system operation, and login when the system is logged out. Permissions are categorized according to customer requirements to prevent unrelated operators from mishandling and causing accidents. Setting administrator privileges allows users to add, delete, assign, and change passwords while the system is running. It is also convenient to read the field data of each channel through the inspection instrument on the control cabinet. It is only necessary to set the correspondence between the communication address on the inspection instrument and the address of the upper computer to realize communication. It has been used since commissioning and is stable and reliable.

4, special features

In use, especially the lead resistance compensation function provided by the inspection instrument brings great convenience to my debugging work. Since the two-wire platinum thermal resistance Pt100 is used in the field, and the lead wire is long, measurement occurs. In the case of large error, the method of automatically setting the offset value according to the manual is performed, the measurement error caused by the lead resistance is eliminated, and the measurement accuracy is improved.
In addition, in the process of reforming the electric control cabinet of the hot water heater temperature control system and the steam generator pressure control system, the modular structure of the Yudian instrument was also experienced, because the original boiler electric control cabinet used Yudian AI-708. The meter requires the user to automatically control the temperature and increase the over-temperature alarm. The temperature control system consists of an AI regulator, a platinum resistor PT100, an SSR solid state relay, and an electric heating tube. The steam generator pressure control system consists of an AI regulator, a pressure transmitter, an SSR solid state relay, and an electric heating tube. During the inspection, it was found that there are no alarm output modules for the two AI-708 regulators, and the working power supply of the pressure transmitter is DC24V. To meet the requirements of the users, it is necessary to re-purchase the regulator and DC24V switching power supply, which requires an increase of more than 1,000 costs. Yuan, later consulted Yudian's technical engineer, purchased two L2 output modules and one DC24V module from Yudian. The three modules totaled more than one hundred yuan, which greatly saved the cost and was safe and reliable.

5, the conclusion

Temperature control instrument I chose Yudian instrument because of its ideal control effect and convenient self-tuning function. The instrument adopts AI artificial intelligence adjustment mode, which is a new algorithm for PID adjustment using fuzzy rules. When the error is large, The fuzzy algorithm is used to adjust to eliminate the phenomenon of PID saturation integration. When the error is small, the improved PID algorithm is used for adjustment, and some features of the controlled object can be automatically learned and memorized in the adjustment to optimize the effect. Over-adjustment, high precision, simple parameter determination, and good control effects on complex objects. The overall adjustment effect is superior to the general PID algorithm and the fuzzy adjustment algorithm.
In short, as an OEM customer, Yudian products have been widely used in our company's drying equipment. AI intelligent regulator not only has fault self-test and parameter lock function, but also adopts high anti-interference and high reliability structure. In case of failure, the fault can be detected in time and eliminated, which greatly improves the reliability and safety of the control system. It is stable and reliable, can meet the requirements of users, and has been well received by users.
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