How to use the door magnetic alarm

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Do you know how to use the magnetic alarm? The door magnetic alarm is mainly composed of a switch and a magnet, and the switch part is connected by a reed switch via a lead. The package is shaped; the magnet portion is encapsulated in a plastic or alloy housing by a magnet of corresponding magnetic field strength. When the two are separated or close to a certain distance, the opening and closing of the switch is caused.
How to use the door magnetic alarm
The door magnetic alarm generally needs to be used together with the alarm host. When the magnet of the door magnet is separated from the magnet, the green indicator light on the magnet will light up. If the red light is on, it indicates that the battery is low and needs to be replaced in time.
When the alarm host is in the armed state, when the door magnetic alarm installed on the door and window is triggered (ie, the door and window are opened, the magnet of the door magnetic alarm is separated from the magnet), the alarm host will issue an alarm prompt after receiving the signal, the user It can be viewed through the corresponding mobile APP software, and the real-time video can be used to check whether the doors and windows are illegally opened, and then the corresponding measures are taken immediately.

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