2012 Shanghai Group Buying Festival-Building Materials Home Buying Exhibition

2012 Shanghai Group Buying Festival - Building Materials Home Buying Exhibition

  Building Materials / Furniture / Home Appliances / Digital / Wedding / Cars / Tourism / Education / Tea / Fashion / Food

Time: 2012 February 18 - 20            Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

Basic Information

Event name: 2012 China Group Buying Exhibition and Shanghai Group Buying Festival

Organizer : China Electronic Commerce Association

Organizer : Shanghai Bochao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

The purpose of the exhibition: to establish a high-quality brand-name exhibition to serve the industry and society

Exhibition theme: Stimulate the vitality of group buying responsibility and lead the industry to flourish   

Exhibition: February 2012 18 - 20

Hours: Move February 16, 2012 - at 08:30 on the 17th - 17:00

          Conducted February 18, 2012 - at 09:00 on the 19th - 17:00

               February 20, 2012        09:00 — 15:00

          Dismantling February 20, 2012        15:00 — 18:00

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 88 Caobao Road)                                           

Official website: http: //

Introduction of Shanghai Group Buying Festival

     Sponsored by the China E-Commerce Association and undertaken by Shanghai Bochao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the “ 2012 China Group Buying Exhibition and Shanghai Group Buying Festival” will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from February 18-20 , 2012 A platform for face-to-face communication and communication between well-known brand merchants at home and abroad and group purchasers, through a 3- day on-site product demonstration, group purchase mode, and on-site ordering to achieve a fast, convenient, safe, open and transparent trading platform .

     Shanghai is the most dynamic city in China. It gathers the elites of the younger generation of China, gathers the people who are most able to try new models, has a good market atmosphere, broad development prospects, and gathers group buying popularity. The 2012 Shanghai Group Buying Festival will bring together the trendiest, newest and most grouped goods and services. There are business parties that make you dazzled. There are high-quality platforms for seamless connection between brand merchants and consumers. There are also the most popular group purchases. We hope that merchants will gain more market share through the latest sales model here, consumers will find the most desirable products here, and it is also a great opportunity for various merchants to promote and promote their own brands! We believe that this will be a milestone in the field of group buying in China, with epoch-making significance. Let us look forward to it and look forward to the arrival of " 2012 Shanghai Group Buying Festival" !

"Shanghai Group Buying Festival" image ambassador announced

    Free daily tidal products    One dollar a day for luxury bags    Gourmet live show    Mysterious guests are waiting for you to unveil

This is a crazy big party, it allows you to understand the latest product information, let you know the mysterious brand at a short distance, we have no reason to refuse, because it makes you irresistible, you will have endless aftertaste.

2012 Shanghai Group Buying Festival · Top Ten Excellent Exhibitors and Sales TOP Ranking List-Competition

Evaluation requirements: Any brand business participating in the 2012 Shanghai Group Purchase Festival can participate in the evaluation.

Appraisal method: During the exhibition, the sales volume of single-brand merchants from the first place to the tenth place will be awarded “the reputation of the top ten outstanding exhibitors of Shanghai Group Purchase Festival in 2012 ( sales TOP1) ~ ( sales TOP10 )”, awarded by the organizing committee Medals and certificates.

Prizes: The first place won the 10,000 yuan exhibition fee fund \ The second place won the 9000 yuan exhibition fee fund \ The third place won the 8,000 yuan exhibition fee fund, 7000 , 6000 , 5000 , 4000 , 3000 , 2000 , and the tenth place won 1000 Yuan Exhibition Fee Fund.

Shanghai Group Buying Festival Exhibition Area

Building materials home area

Home improvement, bathroom, floor, kitchen appliances, ceramics, hardware, doors and windows, paint, switches, lamps, fabrics, wardrobes, cabinets, sofas, mattresses, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, children's furniture, home accessories .

Digital home appliances area

Household appliances, kitchen appliances, audio-visual appliances, nursing appliances, health appliances, cameras, computers, mobile phones, walkmans .

Trendy Famous Area

Food, clothing, luggage, accessories, gifts, shoes and hats, underwear, leather goods, cosmetics .

Wedding area

Wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding ring jewelry, wedding banquet hotel, makeup modeling, wedding dress, honeymoon tour .

Car zone

Imported and domestic brand cars, driving training, car rental services .

Tea District

Pu'er tea, black tea, green tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, instant tea, flower tea, tea set .

Education District

Early education, English, small language, vocational skills, financial accounting, IT computer, art, study abroad .

Exhibiting fees

Raw space booth (from 18M2 )

Standard booth ( 3MX3M )

Double Opening Exhibition ( 3MX3M )

RMB 800 yuan / M2

RMB 7800 yuan / piece

RMB 8580 yuan / piece

Booth configuration instructions      

1. Raw space booth configuration: clean space booth, clean passage, does not include standard booth configuration , other equipment, such as additional lighting, furniture, etc., need to be paid for separately, please apply for the reservation with the attached page.

2. Standard booth configuration:

lintel   board

One fascia board, double opening (corner) booth with two fascia boards

Surround   board

The booth is composed of aluminum brackets and three white hoardings. The double-opening booth has two hoardings and two fascia boards

Family   With

A negotiating square table, two folding chairs, a waste paper basket, and a carpet (arranged by the organizing committee)

Electricity   Device

One 500- watt single-phase socket (not for lighting), two spotlights ( 100W / piece)


The organizing committee has set up a series of sponsorship opportunities to provide publicity channels and display platforms for various enterprises to display brands and promote products. Enterprise brand and product.

For more information, please log in: http: //

Exhibiting procedures

1. Get in touch with the staff of the organizing committee, fill in the "Exhibition Contract Form" after confirming the booth number, and affix the official seal by fax or mail to the organizing committee;

2. The principle of order allocation of booths: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first" , plus 10% fee for double-sided booths;

3. Within 3 days after the organization committee confirms the signing of the contract, the company will remit the exhibition fees from the bank to the organization committee in person. After the payment is received, the organization committee will officially confirm the booth;

4, "Manual" on or before January 1, 2012 mailed to exhibitors, the exhibition informed exhibits transportation, booth layout, utilities and applications such as hotel accommodation for attention, help facilitate the exhibitors, efficient completion of exhibition activities.

Organizing Committee Contact

Ground   Address: Room 5-501 , Alley 501, Xinnan Road, Shanghai

mail   Editor: 201612

Electricity   Talk: 4006191090 (switchboard)

pass   True: 4006191090 ext. 8  

Contact: Miss Zhang

hand   Machine: 18917864948

Q     Q : 2539322076    

E-mail : 2539322076 @ qq.com      

http: //       

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