Visit Raiders at Shanghai Home Expo

Observe the large-scale home furnishing expo such as the 3rd Shanghai Home Expo in 2011. If you want to get more effective information in a limited time and do one-stop home decoration and furniture soft decoration, you must do enough before visiting the exhibition. homework:

·     Landing on Shanghai Jiabo Perform pre-registration of visits, save you the procedure of filling out forms, get exquisite gifts for free, and have the opportunity to win single-free awards, high-end furniture, home appliance vouchers, etc.

·     Obtain the distribution map of exhibitors as soon as possible and set the tour route. To request a booth map, please call the organizing committee or pre-register online.

·     Reserve the hotel in advance to get discounts. The organizing committee of the Home Expo provides hotel reservation services. You can call the organizing committee to request booking.

·     Be sure to bring your new home (or company) room type map in order to find, compare, and invite well-known home improvement companies to create personalized home improvement solutions at the exhibition site. A floor plan, N kinds of design schemes, let you choose one at a time! This is a great opportunity to get a good design, and wisdom is not to be missed!

·     Carry enough business cards. When preparing luggage, you must reserve a space to facilitate the return of the exhibitor's information.

·     Arrive 15 minutes in advance to avoid wasting long lines.

·     Make a list of the products you intend to purchase, clarify the information you need to know from the exhibitors, distinguish the differences between the exhibitors, and then be ready to ask questions. In order to purposely carry out comparative procurement.

·     Bring a pen and note, write down important information at any time, and even use a small recorder to record.

·     Prepare a certain amount of cash for on-site purchases or deposit payment, and enjoy special discounts at the exhibition.

·     Bring the coupons or newsletters issued by the Shanghai Home Expo Organizing Committee to enjoy preferential treatment.

·     Pay close attention to the live broadcast, don't miss the lucky draw event, and enjoy the value-added services of the exhibition!

·     Plan on-site activities such as decoration lectures or corporate seminars that you plan to attend, you can call the organizing committee in advance to make an appointment.

·     To avoid too crowded stalls, you should return to visit before the end of the exhibition, when the number of visitors is not large.

·     Organize, classify and further collect the collected materials.

·     If you have any need or question about the visit, please contact the customer service center at 021-663457779 .

Finally, I wish you a pleasant observation, smooth decoration, and realize your home dream as soon as possible!

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