"Warm Orange" crossing, warming the home exhibition

"The furniture industry in the second half of the year is grim!" "The number of people in the exhibition has greatly reduced!" After several major furniture exhibitions in September came to an end, furniture people issued such a cry. The four exhibitions that have just ended have their own characteristics, but due to the influence of the environment, the number of visitors and the benefits of the exhibition are not as good as those in the past.

At the slightly deserted exhibition site, the reporter saw an orange team, bringing a warmth to the entire exhibition site, they are Suzhou furniture

The promotion team of the exhibition. The reporter had interviewed them in early September when they were ready to go public, and we will make further follow-up reports here.

Enthusiasm is their symbol

Sunshine and vitality white ball cap, passionate orange top, youthful and bright white sports pants, and eye-catching blue promotional bag-this is the battle jacket of this group of young warriors. At each exhibition, Suzhou Furniture Fair dispatched 20 staff members, and gathered 80 college students on the spot to form a "100-person propaganda team", which lined up in various exhibition halls. This orange landscape is undoubtedly the most powerful propaganda for the Suzhou Furniture Fair. The bright orange is like adding a fire to the furniture exhibition entering the cold winter, bringing a bit of warmth.

In addition, at the entrance of each exhibition hall, there is a x exhibition rack of Suzhou Furniture Exhibition. A row of Suzhou Furniture Exhibition staff stands beside the exhibition rack. From time to time, there will be visitors or exhibitors to ask about the situation of Suzhou Furniture Exhibition. The staff of the organizing committee told us enthusiastically: "The 2012 Suzhou Furniture Fair will be held from June 27 to June 30, with a larger scale, more comprehensive exhibits and more professional services ." Many on-site exhibitors and The audience expressed great interest in this. It is understood that many media and exhibitors have agreed with the staff of Suzhou Furniture Fair on the spot that they must participate in the exhibition in Suzhou in 2012 .

During our visit, we met the Shenzhen Grand Furniture Marketing Director. He told reporters: "Since the Suzhou Furniture Fair opened in 2009, we have participated in every session. The Suzhou Furniture Fair is actually constantly helping furniture companies expand their domestic market. The purpose of the secondary and tertiary markets is also very clear, which is to promote the cooperation, exchange and win-win between furniture companies, shopping malls and dealers. "" So we are very optimistic about the Suzhou Furniture Fair! "The exhibitor finally emphasized.

In Dongguan, the 100-person propaganda team of Suzhou Furniture Fair stands proud!

Modesty and firmness are their characters

The staff of Suzhou Furniture Fair paid visits and invitations to the exhibitors of each booth. The president of Guangzhou Bank, Fan Zong, said in an interview: "Our exhibition is still very young, and we are constantly It is also necessary to summarize the exhibition and learn from these industry predecessors. With proper absorption of innovation, Suzhou Furniture Fair will become better and better. "This kind of humility of" everyone can be our teacher "allows them to continue to learn And trying, getting closer to success.

It is understood that the Suzhou Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee has spared no effort in brand promotion in major furniture exhibitions and various furniture industry activities across the country since its inception. And in September this year, they promoted the brand's publicity in these four major exhibitions more three-dimensionally and more comprehensively, which can be called "new full bloom"!

In Guangzhou, the orange promotional team celebrated the event with the global furniture people

They uphold the same purpose and embrace the same dream

We can't help but wonder: what kind of power makes them smile with a continuous tour for an hour? What kind of faith makes them stand still and tired? What kind of spirit is it that allows them to visit exhibitors door to door without fear of rejection? Fan Zong, the person in charge of the Suzhou Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee, gave us the answer: "We at Suzhou Furniture Fair have always been holding the purpose of" serving the Chinese furniture industry ". For this purpose, we have been working hard: every plan is carefully planned , Every link is devoted to research, every detail is devoted to design, and every job is put into practice. "Therefore, the staff have spontaneously formed a strong cohesion under this kind of work attitude and persevered for this platform. contribute my effort.

In Shanghai, the staff of Suzhou Furniture Fair is full of confidence

Suzhou Furniture Fair has never stopped its publicity on the road of brand building. Wherever the furniture is deployed, Suzhou Furniture Fair will publicize it. The positioning is accurate and the execution is strong, so that everyone can have more confidence in it.
From leaving the exhibition to the airport, security, and boarding, the members of the Suzhou Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee have always been uniformly dressed and full of spirit. Wherever they go, they bring warmth. We have been moved by such perseverance and dedication.

Here, I sincerely hope that the 2012 Suzhou Furniture Fair will blossom brightly!

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