Dialysis of five major causes in over-decoration

60% of households have over-decoration and dialysis of five major incentives

Analyzed, the reasons for the "excess" of home improvement are as follows:

One is to listen to the views of the decoration company too much. The purpose of the decoration company for profit is of course to hope for more construction and more investment, so in the home decoration plan, it is inevitable to favor "full bloom" or even "drawing the snake". In this regard, the owner should be fully psychologically prepared to grasp the principle of "simple and simple".

The second is to reverse the position of "protection" and "love". In hotels and restaurants, due to the large number of people coming and going, the decoration first considers the protection of the environment, such as wallpapering, repairing wall skirts, hard granite on the ground, and decorating the wall lamps a little higher. In the home, the owner will naturally care for the indoor environment, so there is no need to cover the wall paper, repair the wall skirt, and use heavy granite to spread the ground.

The third is to ignore the problem of having a large number of furniture "entry" after decoration. As far as the current home is concerned, most people's living area is not large, and furniture generally accounts for about 50% of the total area. Taking a room as an example, in addition to a double bed and a large wardrobe, some families also have furniture such as TV cabinets, dressers, writing desks, and sofas. In this way, from the wall to the ground, covered by a lot of furniture. Therefore, for smaller rooms, there is really no need to "make a big deal" in the decoration.

The fourth is to blindly compare and imitate. After seeing some decoration examples or decoration atlases, some people imitate them bluntly, regardless of whether their rooms are equipped. Nowadays, most houses only have a height of more than 2.7 meters, so the decoration of "ceiling ceiling" is not very suitable. Although the ceiling you hang out is very beautiful, it is also very easy to give people a sense of "depression".

Fifth, the decoration materials of large rooms are blindly pursuing high-end. The large room itself gives a sense of spaciousness and value. The important thing is that the decoration is practical, and the shape and color are pleasant, but the material does not necessarily need to be fully used. On the "hexahedron" of hundreds of square meters, one or two sides (such as the ground and the main wall) can be made of high-grade materials, and the rest can be simplified, saving dozens of yuan in decoration costs per square meter, which is a big number . Using the money saved to buy some high-end atmospheric furniture and electrical appliances is more practical and beautiful.

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Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor (no vibration stops)

Scope of adaptation:
Particularly suitable for water, oil and other ground, and all the non-slip requirements of the ground, such as access, corridors, staircases, underground parking ramps and so on.
Performance characteristics:
1, made of epoxy resin plus high quality Curing Agent;
2, rough surface effect, patterns can be large or small;
3, acid, alkali, salt and oil corrosion;
4, wear, pressure, impact resistance.
Service life:
Thickness of 1 ~ 5mm above, the service life of more than 5 years.
Construction Technology:
1, surface treatment;
2, brushing primer;
3, Scratch-resistant non-slip mortar, sand sprinkle;
4, brush wear-resisting finish varnish.
Technical index:



Drying time,h

Table dry




Tensile Strength


Bending strength


Compressive strength


Shore strength


Wear resistance(750g/500r,weightlessness,g)


Adhesive strength


30% resistant to sulfuric acid

30 days to allow a slight discoloration

25% resistant to sodium hydroxide

30 days without exception

30% resistant to salt water

30 days without exception



Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor

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