The festival is approaching, the furniture market is going to overturn

Status: Sales decline is not as good as in previous years

On September 4th, the reporter visited a furniture market. On weekends, it should be a time of heavy traffic, but there were not many guests in the market on that day. Boss Zhang, who specializes in Guangzhou furniture, told reporters that compared with previous years, this year the market appears weak, and his sales have dropped by nearly 30%. Mentioning the reason, boss Zhang said that it has a certain relationship with the downturn in the property market, and the increased competition in the furniture industry is also an important reason. Mentioning the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, boss Zhang is still looking forward to it. He said: "In a year, the hottest furniture is May 1st, 11th, New Year's Day, shopping malls and manufacturers have concession activities, hoping to make We have a fight. "

In a brand-name furniture store not far away, when she raised sales, the shopping guide lady shook her head: "It can't be compared with previous years!" She said that many large-scale furniture chain stores have been opened in the surrounding area one after another, which has a great impact on the Lanzhou furniture market. A boss who specializes in solid wood furniture said that originally the advertising costs of their brand furniture were relatively high, and now all kinds of additional costs, including freight, are rising, and the pressure on dealers is great.

A slightly smaller store owner who specializes in fabric sofas told reporters: "Compared with previous years, the sales volume is obviously not good. If I go on like this, my small business can't even survive this. I hope this Golden Week will make the business better. what!"

Similar to the sales situation in the furniture industry, a stone dealer in Yantan told reporters that during the first half of the year, the sales volume was faster during several major promotional activities, but sales have declined after the promotion. "In the past few months, the situation has not been very good. Now it is the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day. The market and our merchants hope to promote sales and bring peak sales."

Merchants: To promote sales to increase sales

During the interview, the reporter learned that since September, the major markets in the city are in preparation, ready to launch various promotional activities in due course. In addition, many businesses are preparing to hold large and small preferential activities, including presidential signing, discounts, lottery gift packages, etc.

Minister Liu of Sansen Furniture Market Property Department told reporters that although this year, the furniture industry has been affected by various factors such as the sluggish property market and fierce competition, but they mainly promote mid-range products, so the overall situation is okay. He said that mid-September is generally the highest sales peak in the home furnishing industry. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Mimori store. They will carry out a series of promotional activities.

The owner of the sofa seller Cong said that there are many people who get married and move in the second half of the year. Whether it is a mall or a manufacturer, they will carry out big sales during National Day and New Year ’s Day. It is estimated that the sofas he sells will be launched this month. Promotion.

Regarding the current status of the furniture market, industry insiders believe that the main problem with the decline in sales in the furniture market this year is that consumers hold a wait-and-see view on the real estate market. Even if they buy a house, they will also reduce their spending on furniture. Many merchants will choose to engage in promotional activities in September and October to stimulate consumers 'desire to buy, and various offers can increase consumers' desire to buy in a short time.

Consumers: Preferences are important, quality is more important

Despite the fierce competition of merchants and active preparations, for increasingly rational consumers, merchant promotion is no longer the only way to seize the market. In addition to paying attention to preferential rates, consumers also pay more attention to the quality of shopping products, standards of workmanship and environmental performance of materials. Therefore, the industry believes that the peak season battle should still focus on creating quality products.

"Of course, the more discounts, the better, but the most important thing is quality assurance, especially after-sales service to keep up." On September 4, Mr. Qiao, who selected furniture, said that his newly purchased house had been renovated. I plan to check in next year, and now I will take a look at the furniture. “It ’s going to be National Day. The merchants must have discounts. I ’ll pick them first and buy them later.” When it comes to quality, Mr. Qiao said that discounts are of course better. more important.

Speaking of furniture and decoration, she is choosing a student chair. Ms. Wang said that her house was renovated in 2008. At that time, the cabinets wanted to be good, so she chose a larger brand and often advertised in the newspaper. Ok, but it took only a year or so for the candidate marble on the countertop to crack, and the merchant said that it took more than a year, so repairs are charged. Not long ago, the original repaired place was cracked again, and the crack was worse.

Ms. Wang wants to remind citizens who are going to decorate that they must not only watch advertisements, but also look at the quality and after-sales, and also listen to the opinions of those who have done renovations.

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