"Three knowledge" is required when driving in water

Driving a car in wading is quite different from driving on a road. First, due to the action of the water flow impulse on the car, it will increase the vehicle's forward resistance, and it is easy to cause the vehicle to slip; second, the pressure of the tire and the underwater road is reduced, the driving force is limited, and the driving is blocked, which is prone to danger or traffic accident. Therefore, we remind drivers and friends: driving and wading must be "three knowledge"!

1. Know the preparation and protective measures before wading

When a car is driving in water, it is necessary to carefully check the depth, velocity and bottom properties of the water, as well as the width of the water in and out of the water and the road conditions, so as to judge whether it can pass safely.

When confirming that the structure of the car you are driving can pass through, you should generally choose the road section with the shortest distance, the shallowest water level, slow water flow and the strongest bottom.

The maximum wading depth of common models is as follows: heavy large trucks are 100 to 120 cm, ordinary large trucks are 45 to 80 cm, off-road jeep is 60 cm, and small passenger cars cannot exceed 40 cm. If the water depth exceeds the maximum wading depth of the wheel or car, it is not advisable to risk wading. If for some reason, the driver should take the following series of waterproof measures:

1. Remove the fan belt, if it is a motor type, you can unplug the motor cable and hang the wire on a high place; some models also need to close the shutters of the water tank;
2. Wrap the distributor, high-voltage line, ignition coil, etc. with a tarpaulin or plastic bag, and try to raise the position of the battery (such as in the cab or the cabin);
3. If possible, you can find a hose to cover the tail of the exhaust pipe and bend it upward to rise above the water surface to prevent water from pouring into the exhaust pipe;
4. The fuel filler opening of the fuel tank, the oil dipstick hole and other ventilation holes on the engine and the drive axle must be wrapped and blocked with waterproof materials;
5. If the water level is close to the maximum wading depth of the car, a wide wooden board should be tied to the front bumper, and then drive with a medium speed gear, so that the water in front of the car is pushed away by the wooden board, forming a shallow water area at the engine, To prevent the ignition system from being wet by water and losing its function;
6. When possible, increase the weight of the car as much as possible to reduce the buoyancy effect of water on the car and increase the adhesion of the wheels, thereby maintaining the stability of the vehicle's water-driving.

2. Know the operation method and matters needing attention when wading

1. When the car is wading, it should be ensured that the engine runs normally and the steering and braking mechanisms are sensitive and reliable. The low-speed gear should be engaged to drive into the water steadily, avoiding a big throttle or rushing, to prevent splashing into the engine and stopping the engine;
2. Stabilize the throttle while driving, keep the car with sufficient and stable power, pass through at one go, try to avoid mid-stop, gear shifting or sharp turns, especially when the underwater road is silt, more attention should be paid to do this;
3. If there is quicksand on the bottom of the water and the wheels slip and spin, stop immediately, do not force forward and backward, and do not slam on the accelerator pedal semi-linked. Under the condition that the engine is not turned off, organize manpower or other vehicles to push and drag the car out to avoid getting deeper and deeper;
4. While traveling, look far and near, try to fix the distant target as far as possible, and hold the steering wheel with both hands and advance straight. Can't watch the water flow or the waves, so as to avoid the illusion of swaying the sight, and make the vehicle deviate from the normal wading route and cause accidents;
5. When multiple vehicles are wading, they must not be launched at the same time. The vehicles in the back can only be launched after the front vehicle arrives on the other side, in case the front vehicle stops due to a fault, forcing the rear vehicle to stop in the water, causing a dilemma;
6. When passing a flooded road or flooded bridge, it should pass along a fixed route at a uniform speed. If the pavement or bridge surface is unclear after flooding, it should first be determined whether it is damaged, forming a collapse, gap or collapse, otherwise it may easily cause a rollover.

3. Safety inspection after wading

1. After the car is wading, you should choose a wide and safe place to stop, remove the waterproof dressing, check whether the engine ignition system is wet, and wipe the wet electrical components with a dry cloth to prevent short circuit or open circuit failure;
2. Install the fan belt, put the battery back to its original position, and remove the plastic hose and other waterproof objects at the tail of the exhaust pipe;
3. Check whether each gear box is submerged in water, whether there are drifting objects between the radiator fins of the water tank, whether the tires are damaged, whether there is any grass under the chassis, etc., and clean the vehicle in time;
4. The engine should be started, let the engine reach normal temperature after idling for a few minutes, and dry the water and moisture on the engine. After confirming that the technical condition of the car is good, drive at a low speed for a period of time, and consciously lightly press the brake pedal several times to make the brake shoes and the brake hub contact friction to generate heat energy to dry and evaporate the residual moisture in the brake to ensure the brake Good performance.


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