Anti-theft common sense

1. How to prevent the theft of dormitory?

1. Lock the door when leaving the dormitory.
2. You cannot stay in another person without permission.
3. Be alert to strangers with suspicious signs.
4. Establish a dormitory safe duty system.

2. What should I do if I find the dormitory stolen?

1. If you find that the bedroom door has been pryed, the drawer, box, or cabinet lock has been pryed or turned, do not enter the bedroom, you should immediately report to the school security department.
2. Protect the site.
3. If you find that your passbook, credit card, or remittance slip have been stolen, you should report it to the bank and post office as soon as possible.
4. To answer the various questions raised by the public security and security departments truthfully, and cooperate with the public security and security personnel in making interview records.
5. Actively provide clues to the public security and security cadres responsible for the investigation and resolution of cases to assist in the resolution of cases.

3. How to prevent theft in classrooms, libraries and other public places?

1. When people leave classrooms, libraries and other public places, take away valuables with them, or take care of them with reliable classmates to avoid being stolen by criminals.
2. Try not to store large amounts of cash and valuables not related to learning in school bags to reduce the attention of others.

4. How to prevent theft of money and things when going out?

1. Do not carry large amounts of cash and valuables when you go out for purchases and games. If you need to bring more money, it is best to disperse them in underwear bags. Only a small amount of cash should be used for outerwear to purchase tickets or sporadic items.
2. Most banks now implement deposit and withdrawal, and there are also many savings outlets in banks. If you need a large amount of cash, you can use the method of first deposit and then withdraw, or you can use ATM card to pay.
3. When going out, don't put the money clip in the trouser pocket behind you, and don't put the money or valuables on the bottom or edge of the bag when taking the bus, so as not to be stolen. When crowded or crowded, the bag should be placed in front of you. Whether it is eating, shopping or taking pictures, the bag should not be away from you, at least not out of sight, so as to avoid being neglected.
4. Don't flip cash in crowded places to avoid being caught by pickpockets. At the same time, don't touch the place where you put your wallet from time to time, because it will also attract the attention of cunning pickpockets.
5. When taking a taxi, you should pay attention to the items you carry with you when you get off the bus, so as not to throw the items on the car because of chatting with classmates or rushing to do things. In addition, when you take a taxi or a small bus, it is best to remember the number of the car you take, in case of problems, it is easy to find.

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