6 tips for buying a floor

When buying such conventional building materials such as flooring, be sure to pay attention to the many "traps" that exist in the market, such as immersing the material in water to show that it is not deformed by water. In fact, "not afraid of water" does not mean "no deformation". .

Xiaobian below for everyone to check out the 6 tips on the purchase of the floor, I hope to help everyone!

Floor purchase tips: water resistance

Poor water resistance will cause significant expansion around the floor, causing the floor to erect. Moisture content is an important factor that directly affects the dimensional stability of the floor. Generally, the moisture content of the wooden floor should be consistent with the local water content. Otherwise, the floor will have different dimensional changes when the environment changes, so we should pay attention to the purchase when buying. Whether the moisture content of the purchased floor meets the requirements of national standards.

Floor purchase tips 2: flame retardant

Since the flame retardant performance of the wooden floor cannot be required to be too high, a simple test method can be placed on the floor surface with a cigarette. After the end of the combustion, the floor is not burned and the non-clearing marks such as no cracks, dark spots, and bubbling are observed. Indicates that the flame retardant performance is acceptable

Floor purchase tips 3: Glue

The solid wood flooring is made of natural wood without any bonding. The solid wood composite floor is made by hot pressing of the adhesive coated surface, so the glue performance is an important quality indicator of the product, which will directly affect the function and life of the product.

Floor purchase tips 4: wear resistance

The laminate flooring has good wear resistance because it has a wear layer on its surface. The 6000-18000r we saw on the product description indicates the wear resistance, which also corresponds to the content of corundum abrasive in the wear layer. . National standards stipulate that products above 6000r are suitable for home use, while public places must be above 9000r.

Floor purchase tips 5: check the paint finish

Different from laminate flooring, the surface of solid wood flooring and parquet is processed by paint. When selecting, it should be checked to be uniform, smooth and smooth. No leaks, no bubbles, no cracks.

Floor purchase tips six: pay attention to formaldehyde content

Parquet and laminate flooring contain a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive, which will gradually release into the surrounding environment in a gaseous form. When people are in a high concentration of formaldehyde, the eyes, nasal cavity and respiratory tract will be uncomfortable. Healthy body.

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