Stainless steel submersible pump safety precautions

With the continuous development of the economy, centrifugal pumps with its sewage capacity, energy efficient, self-priming performance, and other advantages in the production of more and more applications. According to pneumatic dual diaphragm pump professionals know that the current self-priming magnetic pump market is very optimistic. So, in the process of using stainless steel submersible pump what precautions? 1, stainless steel submersible pump work, we should pay attention to the decline of the water level, the submersible pump shall not work out of the water. 2, the use of found submersible pump stalls, less water, noise and heat protectors frequently take off and so on, should be promptly stopped pump. 3, check the power supply voltage is too low or power, cable breakage or lack of phase. 4, check whether the impeller jamming or wear, water chamber is blocked, head is too high or too low, the filter is blocked and so on. If there is any fault, find the appropriate solution. 5, in case of stator winding burnout and other faults, repair unit to be repaired, reassemble, the sealing parts to be done to check the pressure. 6, Cable found damaged immediately replaced before use, such as stainless steel submersible pump for pumping more viscous slurry, should be placed in clean water power running for a few minutes, wash the pump slurry, and then dry coated Antirust oil, stored in dry gout. At present, the domestic centrifugal pump is mainly produced and manufactured by domestic manufacturers, and a small part is imported from abroad. According to self-priming magnetic pump professionals know that, due to self-priming centrifugal pump installation is simple, small footprint, easy maintenance, no noise, is widely used in municipal engineering, factories, commercial, hotels, residential areas and other sewage discharge. To expand the reading: China Central Building Expo, "Industry Leader" Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Wang Haipeng (Service Hotline:)

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