Renovation Tips: Post-it Wallpaper Considerations Summary Routine Maintenance Is Your Top Priority

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to soft-packing, and they pay more attention to wallpapers. Indeed, good-looking wallpapers can add a lot to the room and make the space more stylish. In today's interior decoration, more and more wall decoration people tend to use wallpaper, not only because of the beauty of the wallpaper, but also because of the fireproofing and moisture-proof functions of the wallpaper. However, wallpapering is not a once-and-for-all thing. There are many notices for sticking wallpapers , such as damp proofing, dust removal, etc. Maintenance is the first one. In addition to daily cleaning after finishing wallpapers, much work is required to be done. Today I came to introduce you to the notes on the finished wallpapers , explaining the importance of wallpaper maintenance from all angles.

Post wallpaper notes

Post wallpaper notes - timely stability

After just paving the wallpaper, the room should be closed for 2-3 days and dried. Because of the immediate ventilation of the room where the wallpaper has just been finished, it will cause the edges of the wallpaper to appear undulated. At the same time, do not open air conditioners and other air-conditioning equipment, so as to avoid severe shrinkage caused by wallpaper slits.

Finish wallpaper notes - remove residual glue

After 3 days of wallpapering, you should use a damp towel to gently wipe off any remaining wallpaper glue at the seams of the wallpaper. If it is stained, clean it with detergent.

Post wallpaper notes - understand the wet enemy

After the wallpaper on the wall has been dampened, there are often cases of discoloration, deformation, corner curling, blistering, mildew, or even falling off. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of the wallpaper should pay attention to the moisture-proof wallpaper.


Post wallpaper notes - moisture response measures

Due to the excessive water vapor in the “back to the south” indoor air and the poor ventilation in the interior, mold will breed on the wallpaper. To deal with mildew on the wallpaper, wipe the wall with a dry cloth, add 4 cups of sanitizing solution to 4 cups of water, or use a diluted professional wallpaper cleaner. After mixing evenly, use it to wipe the wall with mold. surface.

If it is caused by the dampness of wallpaper, you can use professional wallpaper glue to paste it, and use a flat object, such as books, such as ping pong beat a pressure. If it is a phenomenon of blistering, use a sewing needle to make a small hole in the foaming position on the surface of the wallpaper, release the gas, take the appropriate amount of adhesive and put it into the eye of the needle to stick it tightly, and then flatten it with a flat book to dry it.

Post wallpaper notes - moisture-proof small moves

In addition to moisture-proof materials used in wallpapers, damp-proof wallpapers are also selected. In the rainy season, some small objects that absorb water and moisture can also be prepared at home. For example: tea bags, charcoal bags, washing powder, etc. are all practical moisture-proof items. The surface voids of charcoal and bamboo charcoal can absorb water vapor, which has both deodorizing effect, and can be dried and used repeatedly without harming the environment. In addition, washing powder is also a good desiccant.

In addition, candles can be used to prevent moisture. Candles can also reduce the humidity in the living room, making it impossible for water vapor to condense, thereby reducing the humidity in the room and preventing the wallpaper from getting wet. In addition, if musty smell has already appeared in the home, you can use scented candles containing natural plant essential oils. Such candles can both dry the air and remove the musty smell in the room.

Post wallpaper notes - timely repair cleaning

The wallpaper is scrub-resistant, but it does not resist the bumping of blunt objects. Usually, it pays attention to prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing against the wall surface. If a small surface is found to be damaged, it can be repaired with similar color paint or the same color wallpaper. For wallpapers with embossed patterns, it can be cleaned once with a vacuum cleaner every 2-3 months. Pay attention not to infiltrate water into the joints. Non-convex wallpapers can be cleaned on weekdays only with a chicken feather list. In this way, your room decorated with wallpaper will maintain a beautiful and clean effect after several years.


What are the notes after sticking wallpaper?

1. Cost is relatively more expensive than latex paint;

2. The construction level and quality are not easy to control;

3. The relatively poor grades of materials with poor wallpaper have poor environmental protection and have pollution to the indoor environment;

4. Some wallpapers have poor color fastness and are not easy to scrub;

5. If the printing process is low, the wallpaper will fade for a long time, especially when the sun shines.

6. The air-impermeable material wallpaper is easy to make edge, wall moisture for a long time easy to mold delamination;

7. Most wallpapers need to be torn off and re-treated.

8. Pulp wallpapers with uncontrollable degree of shrinkage need to be pasted, and a vertical stripe will appear, which will have an overall visual impact. (For composite paper only, English name Duplex wallpaper)

9. Deep solid color wallpaper is easy to show seams.

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