Fluorine plastic magnetic pump structure diagram Xiangjie

Fluorine plastic magnetic pump structure mainly consists of a pump, magnetic actuator, the motor consists of three parts, the key components of the magnetic actuator by the outer rotor, the inner rotor and the non-magnetic isolation sleeve composition, the other components include Impeller, static ring, moving ring, ring, bushings and other components. Fluorine plastic magnetic pump structure is as follows: Structural features: Permanent magnet Permanent magnet made of rare earth permanent magnet material Wide operating temperature range (-45-400 ℃), high coercivity, magnetic field direction has good anisotropy, In the same pole close to the demagnetization will not happen, is a good source of magnetic field. Isolator Sleeve When using a metal isolator, the isolator is in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field that induces eddy currents and converts it into heat in a cross section perpendicular to the line of magnetic force. The eddy current is given by: where Pe-eddy current; K-constant; n-pump rated speed; T-magnetic drive torque; F- pressure inside the spacer; D- spacer inner diameter; resistivity of a material; Tensile strength. When the pump is designed, n, T is given conditions, to reduce the eddy current only from F, D and other considerations. Selection of high resistivity, high strength non-metallic materials made isolation sleeve, the effect of reducing eddy current is very obvious. Lubricant control pump operation, you must use a small amount of liquid on the inner rotor and the isolator between the annular region and the sliding friction bearing pair was washed and cooled. Coolant flow is typically 2% to 3% of the pump design flow, and the annulus area between the inner magnet rotor and the isolation sleeve generates high heat due to eddy currents. When the cooling fluid is not enough or flushing hole poor, blocked, it will lead to the medium temperature is higher than the permanent magnet operating temperature, the magnetic rotor gradually lost magnetism, the magnetic actuator failure. When the medium is water or water-based liquid, the annulus area can be maintained at 3-5 ℃. When the medium is hydrocarbon or oil, the annulus area can be maintained at 5-8 ℃. Slide bearing magnetic pump sliding bearing materials impregnated graphite, filled with PTFE, engineering ceramics. As the engineering ceramics have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, so the use of magnetic bearings multi-purpose sliding bearing made of engineering ceramics. As the engineering ceramics are very brittle and the expansion coefficient is small, so the bearing clearance must not be too small, in order to avoid the occurrence of axial accidents. As the magnetic pump sliding bearings to the lubrication of the media, it should be based on different media and the use of conditions, the use of different materials made of bearings. Through the above is the structure of fluorine plastic magnetic pump and its structural characteristics of a detailed introduction, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the various components of the fluorine plastic magnetic pump structure and understanding, hope can help you better understand and use Fluorine plastic magnetic pump. Further reading: IFAT China Guangzhou exhibition industry leaders building water pump manufacturers ranking article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor: lindj (QQ / WeChat:) Starting: http://beng.liuti.cn/ (Service Hotline:)

Model XLT-UTP-602 Waterproof Twisted Pair Transmitter is a transmission equipment that does not require additional Power Supply. The internal coils are three sets of wound high-density magnetic cores and compression-sealed to make the transmission effect more stable and the transmission distance. Farther, to prevent equipment damage caused by moisture. It uses a pair of twisted pair cables to transmit a single baseband video signal transmission device compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM baseband video compliance signals. Mainly used in security, teaching and other fields of high-definition AV signal passive twisted pair video transmission equipment.
In practical applications, we use two XLT-UTP-602 (matched into a pair) to use, which can transmit one video transmission distance of 0-500 meters, and the transmission distance of the twisted pair can reach 600 meters. The XLT-UTP-602 can also be paired with active receivers such as the XLT-UTP-301R, XLT-UTP-308R, and XLT-UTP-3016R with transmission distances of 600-800 meters. XLT-UTP-602 has strong interference suppression and anti-electromagnetic radiation capability, can be used in various complicated interference environments, and does not generate electromagnetic interference to the outside world. It is quite environmentally friendly and economical. At the same time, there are 4 pairs of lines in the five or more types of unshielded twisted pair. Each pair of lines can transmit one signal, which can transmit telephone, RS485 control data, audio, multi-channel video and even low-voltage power supply. Compared with the traditional video and audio transmission scheme, the passive twisted pair video transmitter can greatly reduce the cost and improve the performance. Compared with other similar products, the new Wright products have better performance, better stability and better cost performance. It is obvious.



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