Which decoration company good choice decoration company can not be sloppy

There are more and more people nowadays, so choosing a decoration company is the topic of discussion. A good decoration company can not only help us save some of the expenses, but also the construction quality will be guaranteed. So, it is good decoration company Which? Then come along with Xiao Bian to understand it.

1. Yuanzhi Yuanzhou Decoration

Yuanzhi Yuanzhou decoration design was founded in 2008, designed to build two qualifications, Yuanzhi Yuanzhou decoration as the first major sub-brand of Yuanzhi environmental protection, "to promote Chinese culture, make Chinese people live better" is us The goal is to provide a complete decoration service integrating design, construction, main material purchase, materials distribution, and after-sales services for medium and large size apartments and luxury homes, and abide by the principles of “original design first” and “customer interests first”, Combining excellent design, high-quality construction, and perfect supporting service system into one integrated service, we are committed to creating high-grade, high-quality perfect and comfortable living space for our customers. We have extensive brand awareness and reputation in the mid- to high-end home improvement market. Degree, known as "the large-scale apartment design experts."

2, Jinhua Xindi decoration

Since its establishment, Jinhua Xindi Decoration has always insisted on taking customers as the center and all designing for customer service. Because only the customers themselves are the best. Therefore, in the design, we always adhere to the all-round communication and understanding of customers, and strive to The customer's lifestyle, professional identity, family members have a comprehensive understanding, and then according to this specific condition, fully consider, conceive, and design the optimal design for each specific family.

3, good time special decoration

Beijing Jiashi Special Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a large-scale decoration enterprise integrating home design, public decoration design, greening gardening design and construction, and supporting the sales of main material products. It is registered by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce to obtain the industry. “Building Class B” qualification is a “member unit” of the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Beijing Decoration Association. It is awarded “Green Decoration Enterprise” by the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Federation. The company mainly undertakes indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration materials sales and provides Decoration various types of comprehensive consulting services. Since its inception, Goodtime has always remembered our self-proclaimed slogan "Solid decoration, and strive to be the brand of the people", and constantly proceeded from its own reforms, standing on the customer's point of view, exploring and innovating again and again, striving to provide diversification to customers. The service brings maximum benefits to customers.

4, Qishi Jianye Decoration

China Building Decoration Association member, engineering qualification certification. Many times won the "integrity decoration industry", "the mainstream of the country's mainstream media, the most trusted home improvement company." Renovation design, construction, material selection, after-sales service and other decoration links in one step, so that consumers can save time, effort, worry, and save money.

5, dragon hair decoration

Since its establishment, Longfa Decoration has successively been honored as the AAA level demonstration unit in the Wuhan decoration industry, the 2010 consumer trust decoration brand in Hubei, the most influential brand in the home industry in 2010, and the home furnishing industry in Wuhan in 2010-2011. Brand, 2011-2012 Wuhan City residential decoration industry five-star service companies, home improvement industry 3.15 integrity brand and so on.

In the fiercely competitive Wuhan home improvement market, Wuhan has consistently adhered to a series of advanced concepts of Beijing Longfa and the Wuhan home improvement market. It has explored a home improvement mode suitable for the people of the Jiangcheng City, and on the premise of strictly ensuring design quality and construction quality, Cut costs, reduce costs, strengthen services, and enable consumers to obtain the best value for money and value-added services.

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