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The modern people who are tired of the constant life, hope that the furnishings in the home will continue to have new meanings. Heavy furniture is not easy to move, but bed linens, duvet covers, and pillowcases can go along with seasons and moods. According to some business analysts, plain high-end beddings certainly have their presence in the market, but they also have deficiencies such as being monotonous and boring. This year's popular flower pattern, mainly influenced by the European trend, will put dazzling colors together, reflecting the character of the fashion young people who love to express love, so it is especially loved by young people. Those large flowers and geometric shapes with unique shapes and strong three-dimensional effects also reflect a lively mood. However, in the face of the market with a wide range of different styles and low, medium and high-grade bedding , which one will be the trend of choice, both to meet practical needs, but also reflect the user's personality, taste it? Maybe come with me to learn about it!

National natural wind hits people

Take the natural style of individualism popular. In recent years, housewares advocating natural wind, natural texture such as cotton, linen, and grass have become popular. However, this year, before the naturalism of bedding, we must add the national language to catch up with the trend. It is not difficult to find beddings with exotic ethnic characteristics that are popular among major shopping malls in Guangzhou or specialty homeware stores. For example, in a furniture store in Tianhe North Time Square and a homeware shop near Tianhe City, the carefully collected Sri Lankan handmade cotton products are put to the spotlight. According to the store's introduction, these colorful and splendid Sri Lankan cotton cloths have a strong South Asian mainland style, and all hand-woven, completely cater to this year's fashion trends, so not only young consumers welcome, but many middle-aged people also like it. . Another example is a bedding store in China Plaza, which introduced pillows and mats imported from Japan, made of grass plants, and styled.

Personality continues to blow

The modern people who are tired of the constant life, hope that the furnishings in the home will continue to have new meanings. Heavy furniture is not easy to move, but bed linens, duvet covers, and pillowcases can go along with seasons and moods. At present, there are many bedding shops on the market, which are aimed at newly-married, new family, single aristocrats and other young consumers who like trendy styles. They have launched new bedding products that flaunt their personalities. In color selection, you can enjoy the fun of colors and patterns. For example, a green spring-colored bed sheet can be accompanied by dark blue pillowcases and red sheets to fully express the youth's self. In the choice of patterns, abstract patterns become the most fashionable choice. Such as a set of quilt specifically for the newly-married, printed on the abstract body pattern, changed the previous wedding bedding on behalf of the festive, warm flower pattern, with a unique personality has won the hearts of many trendy people.

European and American classical style rises

Despite the change of time and the continuous advancement of technology, the home style that has become popular since the Renaissance in Europe has once again attracted people's attention. At present, the furniture decoration industry in Guangzhou, European and American classicism has become a new trend of "the ancient times." In general, European and American classical style bed fabric products, in the choice of materials, with cotton, satin, brocade and other materials, to produce printing, embroidery, jacquard three bedding style. In terms of detail and creativity, attention is paid to the processing of lace and the three-dimensional beauty of the bed is strongly sought. In terms of color, the never-ending popularity of white is still the focus of design. In order to demonstrate the cleanliness and meticulousness of the snow-white beds, intricate patterns are adorned with inlaid embroidery, silk flowers and ribbons to create a sense of elegance. Other fresh styles such as light yellow, light chrysanthemum and light brown are very suitable for use in summer. In addition, bright colors (bright chrysanthemums, royal blues, bright reds, bright yellows) and various patterns filled with ocean, sunlight, and gardens add to the charmingness of the interior, bringing French romance and gentleness to consumers. For 9 to 5 office workers, the longest use of home is the bedroom and bed. The bedding products on the bed are not only the visual focus but also the main interpreter of the bedroom style. Choose a set of bedding with suitable colors, comfortable fabrics, and suitable prices. There is also a lot of knowledge.


About Fabrics: Fabrics determine price and comfort.

Learning to distinguish plain, twill, and satin from beautiful and stylish designs can make the living room brilliance, but comfort is even more important. People who have purchased bedding have had the experience of being confused by the sales staff's introduction of fabrics of various weaving methods, and knowing some fabric knowledge to be able to buy comfort. The bedding fabrics on the market are generally divided into plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. The characteristics of several fabrics are different. Plain weave fabrics use a criss-cross weaving method. Compared to other fabrics, the handles are rough, but they are more sturdy. There are also points between low count yarns and high count yarns. The higher the score, the better the hand feel and the higher the comfort. The twill weave has a pronounced slope and is slightly shiny. Compared to plain weave, the feel and comfort are higher than plain weave at the same yarn density. Satin is a newly emerged fabric, basically can not see the intersection, very smooth, shiny fabric, looks like silk, more comfortable, but less durable.

About the price: The prices of different brands vary widely.

People in the industry said that a penny and a set of goods including four sets of sheets (or mattresses), quilts, pillowcases, the maximum difference between the various brands a few thousand dollars, the price difference is wide, and many factors, The cotton used for weaving, the input of design patterns, the weave of fabrics, etc. According to industry sources, most of the products, especially famous brands, are worth a penny, but some manufacturers have some tricks in terms of fabrics. For example, wide-width fabrics are much better than narrow-gauge fabrics, and they are also expensive. Consumers do not understand this, do not pay attention to the problem of seams, and sometimes pay higher prices for goods of non-value. However, this is also very easy to identify. For bedding that typically uses more than eight hours a day, good quality decorations will definitely bring good sleep, and spending more money is worth it.

About color: Natural colors are popular this year.

Detachment of sales, promotion of free mix In recent years, people have not only concerned about the popularity of clothing, even the furniture manufacturing industry is also concerned about the color trend of the year. Bedding is no exception, and many world-famous brands are designing their own product designs based on the color popular information of the apparel industry. In contrast to the popular and elegant designs of previous years, this year it has turned into natural colors such as sand, gray, white and green. The improvement of the quality of life at home makes people more willing to use their own creativity. It is not always possible to change the full set of bedding, which gives free space. For people who don’t have confidence in bold color matching, they can choose the same color or near-color color when they choose. The practice is based on the bed sheet or quilt bag that occupies the largest area in the enamel trim, and refers to the color of the pattern, and uses the long pillow and the square pillow with similar colors to match it.


On the bed making method: reference to the hotel's shop floor.

Sheets are not laid on the bed, but wrapped around the head, or as some brands specifically developed the sheets to use, so that changing the wash is more convenient, washing quilt is more trouble. The mattress can replace the sheets, and the four corners fit over the mattress, making it difficult to fold and wrinkle.

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