Seven elements to judge the pros and cons of a video server

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Video server as a powerful force for monitoring equipment, has a very important role in our lives, has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, today to see the advantages and disadvantages of video server comparison A detailed analysis of the seven aspects is required.
Seven elements to judge the pros and cons of a video server
Seven elements to judge the pros and cons of a video server
1, the quality of the video server is the main consideration, this is the need for our remote work, the current market has CIF and D1 two quality choices, of course, D1 picture quality is the most ideal, considering the bandwidth, CIF can cope with ordinary occasions Related needs.
2. If the video performance of the delay is good enough during the transmission process, the bandwidth will be lower in the same picture quality, then the compression ratio of the video server will be higher, of course, in the large-scale project application. In the process, the high compression ratio of the video server will bring great convenience to the network cost. We must fully understand the problem of equipment cost when making choices.
3, the local storage function of the video server is also a very critical factor, in the process of transmission back and forth, high-definition pictures will be more convenient development needs.
4. When the front-end of the client has the capture function, it can ensure that the broadband can transmit high-definition pictures in the low case, and will have a better choice for the unexpected event.
5. For the application of singular video server, it is only a primary application stage at present. The real big function is still determined by the integration ability of the system. The biggest feature of the video server is the integration ability of the software. Under the premise, many of them are the large system functions of the manufacturers themselves.
6. When no one is on duty, we are going to choose a product that has a certain level of ability in the control of broadband and the synchronization processing capability of audio and video. The voice intercom function of the client still needs to be available.
7. Network bandwidth has always been a problem we have to consider. The lower the bandwidth occupied by the video server on the premise of the same picture quality, the higher the compression ratio of the video server will be. In large-scale applications, the high compression ratio Will bring more integration effects.
Through the above brief description, I hope that everyone has a deeper understanding of the comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the video server.

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