What should I do if the solid wood floor is "squeaky"?

The floor stepped on the "squeaky" and "squeaky" sounds. Many newly renovated users encountered this rather depressed problem after installing the floor. If you want to know what caused it, it depends on how the sound is emitted. The sound of the law, if a place to step on a foot, then step on and then ring, and so on, it must be no fixed between the wooden dragon and the ground raft, or the raft material is too soft and not difficult, was pulled by the dragon Get it up.

If there is a place to step on, sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not. This kind of situation is mostly because the floor nail is smaller than the drill hole of the solid wood floor. The floor is male and female with loose space (also related to the quality of the floor itself). After half of the renovations, the floor will be more or less audible when walking, but the location is different.

There are few ways to deal with the sound of the floor. Even if the problem is alleviated after treatment, it cannot be completely cured.

There is a way to completely eradicate the ground, retighten the ground dragon, and reload the floor. It is a laborious and costly headache. No one wants to counterattack and reload. Only when installing the ground dragon and the floor, pay attention to the following techniques and methods, the floor will not sound:

1. Before installing the ground dragon, it is generally used to punch holes with 12mm electric hammer drills. Then the wooden rafts must be at least 18-20mm square wooden rafts. It is not very easy to cut the holes. After a few days, the rafts are dry. Shrink

2, the raft material of the earth is harder than the material of the earth dragon, the hard shrinkage force of the wood is small, and the earth dragon is not easy to pull the raft to keep it stable;

3, some rooms have a height difference of several centimeters. At this time, the carpenter will put some knife-shaped cork or three-ply board under the ground dragon to ensure the level of the dragon. Don't forget the height of 2.5. Between the earth and the dragon above the centimeters, it is necessary to tie the short dragons to each other to prevent the ground dragon from swinging and swinging to ensure that the earth dragon is flat and firm;

4, when installing solid wood floor drilling, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nails, so the floor only eats nails;

5. The floor shrinkage joint of more than 1 cm is reserved around the wall to avoid climate change or the moisture content of the floor does not conform to the expansion and arching. This is known to most people.

These techniques seem to be small details, and the problems often lie in small details that are not noticed by people. In fact, these node skills are an important factor in ensuring the quality of the floor, and also a discussion of experience for the relevant personnel and to be filled with reference.

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