Anti-theft function of human body infrared sensor switch

Human body infrared sensor switch:
1. Full automatic sense: turn on when people come, turn off the switch when people leave, it will automatically turn on when the human body is moving within its sensing range, people will not leave and will continue to turn on when the people switch, and people will automatically turn on Delayed closing.
2. Automatic light metering: using photosensitive control, no induction during daylight or strong light.
3. Automatic random delay: the switch automatically increases a delay period (for example, 30 seconds) after detecting each activity of the human body, and takes the last activity time as the starting point of the starting time.
4. Delayed service life of electrical appliances: The control circuit of this switch adopts imported high-quality electronic components with no contact contacts, which can eliminate surge current and sparks.
5. Working parameters: working voltage: AC180V ~ 250V, 50HZ, load power: 0.8W ~ 600W, automatic control illumination: ≤10LUX on> 100LUX off
Human body infrared sensor switch, suitable for corridor, hotel, warehouse, basement, toilet, etc. Can be connected to various lamps and exhaust fans. It integrates convenience, power saving, durability, hygiene, beauty, and anti-theft. It is an ideal choice for modern buildings and homes! New color box packaging, smooth curves, humanized design, elegant and refined, smart touch.

Solar Mounting Brackets are made of hot galvanized steel Q235 and used for solar pannel in concrete base,roof,ramming pole,carport,green house and etc.They have the advantages of easy instalation, steady and safety,excellent duration and great flexibility. High pre-assembly parts and customized solution to save your install time and money.
1.Ships in a few small boxes reducing material costs and simplifying shipping and handling.
2.No rails means mounts-to-modules instead of mounts-to-rails-to-modules, making installation fast and simple.
3.Works with standard modules. Simply drop in the modules, tighten down the clamps, and you're done.
Features & Benefits:
1.Works with standard module frames - providing greater flexibility
2.Engineered to be structurally robust & simple, with minimal leveling
3.Easy to handle and transport - ships in small boxes
4.Cost savings with integrated grounding, requiring less copper and grounding hardware
5.Elegant, sleek design means more referrals from 
happy homeowners
6.Quick Rack comes with easy-to-use design software

Solar Mounting System

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