How does Chinese furniture design take the road of discovery and creation?

The "Da Vinci" incident not only tortured the Chinese furniture industry but also the entire Chinese industry: In a country with a long history and a rich culture, why do we always borrow other people's traditions to deceive people?

Fifteen years ago, I started from Xi'an and crossed the Hexi Corridor to Dunhuang. In the last year of the Dragon, from Urumqi to the Pamirs, along the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang; another year, with Liang Sicheng The History of Chinese Architecture, from Taiyuan to the north, to the Wutai, visit Yingxian, Duhengyue, and Yungang, when the domestic media was far from the upsurge of “re-move Liang and Linzhi Road”. From the perspective of personal experience, one of the important significance of these youngsters is that when I have the opportunity to enter and leave Europe and Japan, I am surrounded by a variety of profound cultural systems. Surprise and admiration, at the same time, I have the confidence in my chest. , will not lose the square inch, and will not blindly worship.

How does Chinese furniture design take the road of discovery and creation?

Whether it is an individual, an organization or a group, finding the root of oneself can gain emboldenedness and confidence. If you have the confidence, you will have the courage. If you are confident, you can have wisdom. However, this is only the first step in discovery. The second step is not to continue and restore the tradition of being cut off and transformed by China's modern times, and to find a path to the future.

In 2010, MUJI launched a project to find “Chinese style”. Based on the old furniture carefully searched by the folks in North China, it was re-refined and designed to produce a new series of wooden furniture, including tables and chairs. Even a small bench. This series combines the simplicity, elegance and functionalism of Chinese-style civil furniture with the brand characteristics of MUJI itself, and stimulates each other to a more refined and artistic level. The series is small in production and is only targeted at the high-end market in Japan. After being exhibited in Tokyo, it was quickly snapped up. In the future, MUJI intends to explore and organize the home craft traditions in other parts of Asia and introduce different special series.

A brand that seems to have made a name for itself has such consciousness to carry out such practice. The significance is not limited to the commercial level. From this, we can see the continuation and expansion of the spirit of the "civil art movement" initiated by Mr. Liu Zongyue more than 80 years ago. We feel more guilty and urgent. In the end, the country has a deep bottom, and the ancestors left behind, and they have not been exhausted. But if they still don’t wake up, they don’t cherish it. They don’t specialize in it. If we make good use of it, we will never be able to walk out of the “Da Vinci” style. A strange circle.

“Tradition itself comes from creation, and good design is unthinkable from being out of tradition.” Mr. Liu Zongli, the Japanese industrial design master who just passed away at the end of last year, said. After discovery, it is more necessary to create, and what we want to discover and create is certainly not limited to design. The Patek Philippe watch has a classic slogan: Begin your own tradition. China’s industry leaders and elites should have this kind of mind: discover the roots of the country and the nation, nourish and create their own traditions!

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