How is Glaze tiled gap clean? Glace tile crevice cleaning tips

In the process of using tiles after decoration, each consumer will have this experience: Tile gap is the most difficult to clean, then Grace Tiles gap how to clean it? Xiao Bian think that in addition to maintaining the overall environment, but also should grasp Grice tile crevice cleaning techniques, today with a small series to specifically understand the next Grace tile crevice cleaning techniques for your reference oh.

Glaze tile crevice cleaning techniques - decontamination by toothbrush, brush

Toothbrushes and brushes are common, and they are also the most practical tool for cleaning dirt on tiled floors. The specific operation of this method is to use a toothbrush and a small amount of decontamination paste to remove the dirt in the crevices at the cracks in the tile. Then use a brush to brush the water repellent and apply it to the crevices. This method can not only prevent seepage. Water, but also anti-fungal growth.

Glace Tile Cutter Cleaning Tips - Wax Cleaning

The waxing of the floor can effectively maintain the floor, and waxing the tiles also has the effect of keeping the tile bright and clean. Thoroughly clean all stains on the tile first. If there is glue or stains, wipe with a neutral detergent or scouring pad. Sprinkle the floor cleaning agent on the tile first, then pour the water-based wax into the clean dry mop, and evenly spread the wax on the tile. After waxing, allow the tile surface to air dry and wait until it is dry before you step on it.

However, it should be noted that the surface of the tile will turn yellow after being waxed for many times, and when the wax is re-waxed, it needs to be treated with wax. The specific method is: In addition to the wax directly used, do not have to add water, even spilled, about 15 minutes, in addition to the wax into the tile, the water poured wet tiles, the wax must be completely removed, or re-waxing will not shine . After cleaning the wax, please follow the above steps to clean and care.

Glace tile crevice cleaning techniques - steam fumigation

Oil does not clean up for a long time. Even if it accumulates in the plane, it is very difficult to clean up. In particular, oil stains, steel balls, and detergents in kitchen cracks are not the most effective methods. They are both laborious and ineffective. The best way to deal with oil stains in kitchen cracks is to steam steam. Just boil water in the kitchen and let the walls be steamed. The oil can easily fall off after fumigation.

Glace tile crevice cleaning techniques - candle caulking

Candle cleaning crevices are affordable and easy to use tools. Gently apply the candle to the seam of the tile. The first is the vertical coating. This is to make the joint evenly coated with candles; then horizontally, it can make the thickness of the candle and the thickness of the tile flat. Why do you want to apply a candle? Because the surface of the candle is smooth, even if oil stains on it, it will be clean as soon as it is lightly rubbed.

Information about Grice Tiles was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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