LED sensor lights disguised as a camera to deter thieves to facilitate their own [Full text]

The status of science and technology dynamic cameras is increasingly important in home security, and has made great contributions to the protection of family safety. In fact, sometimes, although the camera does not seem to capture many thief for you, in fact, many thieves have been "scare" by the camera. However, it is not so easy for all families to have a camera at the moment. Cost and management are a big problem.

At this time, British LED-assisted lighting expert MrBeams introduced an LED sensor lamp. It resembles a camera in the shape of a camera. In the darkness, if a sirens emits noise, the light will illuminate and illuminate the road ahead. The thief will be guilty of conviction. The thief will be faced with such a "camouflage camera." Scared.

This LED sensor light does not need sockets, self-installed batteries, only need to drill a hole in the wall, install the minute to get it, you can install in the corridor, basement, garage, and even open space roof lighting place, afraid of the wind is not afraid of the rain. It is very obedient during the day and will not light up.


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