Small money jar "play" big idea with touch screen interactive function similar to smart phone

On the afternoon of December 21, 2014, the afterglow of the sunset on the weekend was spilled into a small classroom of less than 50 square meters in Zhongguancun. A big boy stood up and introduced his invention to the audience of 26: a "My Neighbor Totoro" smart piggy bank with touch-screen interaction. It has the ability to set up a savings plan, set a "like" win award and other similar smartphones. He hopes to use this device to help parents develop their children's savings habits. Don't underestimate this equipment. It won a silver medal at the International Invention Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, and has recently upgraded its technology.

His name is Yu Yubo and he is enrolled in the third grade of Beijing No. 80 Middle School. He regarded the "My Neighbor Totoro" piggy bank as his own entrepreneurial project and spent seven years. In the past seven years, his other inventions also won the first prize of the Youth Robot Competition in Beijing and the second prize of the Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition.

Like many tech giants who stand at the product launch conference under the spotlight, Yu Yubo also chose to wear shirt jeans and sneakers, but in a few occasions he will still bow his head in a cautious manner. During the conversation, Yu Yubo told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that his cognitive changes in technology invention and entrepreneurship stemmed from the continuous upgrading of his own circle.

"Like my peers who like to write code in hardware, the circle is very small, and there are dozens in the country. Our class and even our grades should be done by me alone." Yan Yubo said frankly that he had just begun to invent. At the time, from the C language programming to the installation of the single-chip microcomputer, it is all on its own, there is almost no circle communication, and it also bears a lot of pressure.

"The students just said at the beginning, what are your boys doing? You don't play with us. We don't care about you. At that time, I was very confused and sensitive. I always felt that this person is so different." Yu Yubo said I laughed too. He told reporters that at first parents even questioned him and felt that there was no way out.

However, insisting on bringing a turn. Yan Yubo revealed that his 80-year encourages students to innovate in science and technology, and leads students to participate in the youth science and technology innovation contest and robot competition in Beijing and even the whole country. At the same time, it will help students to contact university professors for technical guidance. This not only allowed Yu Yubo to harvest a series of competition awards, but also enabled him to slowly build his own circle.

"The circle is different, and people become different." The high school student paused for a while and decided to nod. He said that many activities, including going to Germany and Los Angeles to participate in invention exhibitions, have allowed their circles to escalate. It is reported that during the Los Angeles Technology Week exhibition, foreign technology circles hope to help him improve product design, and local consumers want to buy his smart piggy bank.

Yu Yubo said that he also used his spare time to run a customer circle and met many like-minded entrepreneurs across the country. Just when he introduced the product, a thin man with a Cantonese accent gave him a suggestion: "Yubo, we start from small and perfect products, find a small entry point, then dig down "Yu Yubo is recording while thinking about his chin."

He told reporters that he was applying for Stanford University. “I feel that I should go out and see more people who like innovation and expand my own situation.”

At the end of the interview, Yu Yubo immediately returned to the discussion group, where he has partners in the technology invention circle.

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