Spring type safety valve four major faults and troubleshooting methods

The common faults of spring-loaded safety valves are as follows:
The common faults of spring-loaded safety valves are as follows:

1, can not be opened in time;

2, the valve can not be opened;

3. Air leakage, spring is not tightened or the elastic force disappears, and there is dirt between the valve and the valve seat sealing surface to make the sealing surface not strict;

4. The valve cannot be closed in time after opening.

Method of exclusion:

1, check calibration; (calibrated according to technical requirements)

2, dismantling and calibration; (calibrated according to technical requirements)

3, adjust or replace the spring, purge the dirt, such as air leakage grinding or replacement; (calibrated according to technical requirements, can be used)

4, check calibration; (calibrated according to technical requirements)
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