How to integrate luminosity ceiling

In the face of numerous integrated ceiling brands, are you upset? As one of the earliest integrated ceiling companies in China, the company has always been committed to building high-quality integrated ceilings. How about integrated ceiling lighting ? Follow Xiaobian to understand.

Ray integrated ceiling introduction

The ray integrated ceiling, from the Ray Group, the group was established in 2001, Ray Group is backed by strong technical research and development capabilities, professional manufacturing experience, is committed to high quality health kitchen top product design, development, manufacturing, dedicated to the majority Consumers create a classic, superbly integrated kitchen top product.

How to integrate light ceiling

Ray Light integrated ceiling has always been high-quality selection, precision processing, strict production, strict quality inspection standards, truly 100% high quality integrated ceiling. Luminous Integrated Ceiling has successively won the honors of China Famous Brand, China Quality Excellent Trusted Brand, and National First National Credit Enterprise.

Light integrated ceiling LG health board industry is the only SGS and ROHS dual certification, LG health board has superior UV resistance UV resistance is 10 times that of ordinary products, UV long-term exposure does not produce discoloration, fading, etc., so that home The ceiling stays as long as new.

Ray integrated ceiling quality

As the “integrated multi-function integrated ceiling installation and acceptance standard specification” drafting team leader units integrated light ceiling, in the kitchen's integrated ceiling industry is in a leading brand position. It adheres to the mission of “making life more enjoyable for the chef” and strives to provide fashionable quality kitchen appliances for mass consumption.

On the whole, the ray integrated ceiling integrates the heating module, lighting module, ventilation module, buckle plate module, etc., from the basis of the functional requirements of the kitchen, to the overall home improvement design style, all give integrated packaging, more convenient and more beautiful.

Home hotline reviews

The integrated light ceiling integrates low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, natural, stylish, and comfortable home life concepts. It is a very good choice for ceilings.

Information on the ray ceiling was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have something that you don't understand, you can leave a message for Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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