Tips and tricks for home decoration to buy wooden doors

Tips to buy wooden doors and the Raiders, what does? Follow GO Jia Ju Xiao Bian together to explore open the doors to buy home improvement tips and Raiders, this article will focus on the origin of the wooden doors, wooden doors of the brand, type and wooden doors prices and more From the angle to analyze how to choose the right wooden door! Wooden door shopping tips and strategies can help everyone play a good guide in the decoration!
The skill of purchasing wooden doors and the origin of the wooden door of Raiders

At the earliest time, most of the wooden doors used in the home were made by the decoration craftsman. Later, with the refinement of the home building materials market, the sale of finished doors began to appear in the market. Now, the development of the wooden door industry has been full of vitality. Among them, the wooden door has been deeply loved by consumers because of its environmental protection and health characteristics. How to choose the color of the wooden door? In this issue, Xiaobian will introduce the skills to you, let's take a look.

The skills of buying wooden doors and Raiders to buy finished doors or custom wooden doors are good

When the new house comes down to consider the decoration, many people are very confused whether it is good to buy a door or to do a good job. From the current market point of view, it does have its own advantages and disadvantages. Due to the quality, paint effect and environmental protection of the wooden door, these aspects are much higher than the manual door. Generally speaking, brand wooden doors have relatively large-scale production machinery and equipment, which are relatively mature in wood dryness, finger jointing, flatness and paint line. The hand-made wooden doors and sets are mostly made of large core plates and plywood, and the paint is painted on site, which is difficult to reach the mechanical level. Therefore, from the perspective of exquisiteness and detail, it is better to buy a door than to buy a door. However, due to the style and color of the door manufacturer, there are also some rigid parts. If there are more hand-made woodwork in the decoration process, it is more casual in color and style. In the service, due to the short service period of the set door, the installation speed is fast, generally within six inches, and the installation can be completed in one day, so the service is relatively perfect. It takes about half a month to hand-made from the nail door to the end of the paint. Therefore, in the case of l Yang Jie and standardized services, the set door is superior to the manual door. In general, if the decoration style of your home is simple and you want to finish the decoration, it is best to buy a door; if your home has more woodworking activities, the requirements on the style of the door are relatively large, you can consider doing it by hand. Doors, but woodworking wines, but also environmental issues.

What are the types of wooden doors that are used to buy wooden doors and the Raiders?

There are many types of doors, and the explanations of the doors are also different. According to the materials and construction techniques, the wooden doors can be divided into four categories: solid wood doors , solid wood composite doors , splint molded paint-free doors (plywood doors, molded doors, paint-free Door), titanium-magnesium alloy door. Solid wood door solid wood door is made of natural wood from the forest, processed by drying, planing, high-speed milling and other processes. The finished door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, crack resistance and sound insulation effect. Good thermal insulation and other characteristics. The vernacular explains that a solid wood door is made of natural wood. There is no artificial board and other chemical products. However, it is afraid that the deformation of the wood will cause the door to deform. Therefore, the wood with high density and high density is selected. Fast-growing tree species, because of slow growth, the number is small, because the quantity is small, so the price is high, because the price is high, so it is "precious"! The price of the reference solid wood door varies depending on the material and texture. The market price ranges from 2,500 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Generally, the high-grade solid wood door is well done in the dehydration process. The relative moisture content is about 8%. The formed wooden door is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and the use time will be longer. However, the general solid wood door (the price is more than one dry) is not the fine wood, so it is prone to cracking, deformation, etc., and the serious situation is that it cannot be repaired.

The solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine and fir, and then attached to the MDF or plywood, and then attached to the natural veneer or imitation wood texture of the bedding paper, which is made by high temperature hot pressing and sealed with a bullet or MDF line. The solid wood craft door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as that of the pure solid wood door. Due to the variety of styles and rich styles of solid wood craft doors, the high-grade solid wood craft doors not only have the characteristics of smooth handfeel and soft color, but also are very environmentally friendly and durable.

In the vernacular, a solid wood composite door is actually a door that combines natural wood and artificial board. Because the name has the word "solid wood", the inner core is basically filled with solid wood, and the surface is covered with natural veneer. The appearance is not much different from pure solid wood doors, but the price is much cheaper and looks high-grade, so it is generally accepted as a mainstream product. The solid wood composite door also has solid and hollow points. The solid door refers to the door filled with solid wood. The tooth-joining process is used to join together solid wood blocks of more than ten centimeters long; the hollow doors are mostly supported by wooden keels and spaces. There are also many, such as sawdust, laminated timber, etc., the lower cost is the cheaper materials such as door core filled paper shell.

The skill of purchasing wooden doors and the price positioning of the wooden door of Raiders

The price of the reference solid wood composite door is generally around 400-2300 yuan. In addition, the veneer materials of modern wooden doors are more common with veneer and stickers. Pure natural veneer wooden doors are rich in natural texture, beautiful, and strong impact resistance, and the price is relatively high; the price is around 1500-2300. The wooden door of the sticker is also called "grain wood door" and "high-tech wooden door". Because of its low price, it is a relatively popular product. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break and is afraid of water; the price is around 400-1200. I hope that you will have more inspections and more comparisons. Find wooden doors that suit your price. Don't just look at the cheap, it's not about quality and after-sales, because the wooden doors in your home are used at home, and after-sales is very important.

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