Professional sleep mattresses become a trend of development, spring mattresses against hopeless

The world is changing slowly every day, and the mattress industry is no exception. The mattress industry, which has always been proud of its mature marketing program, has been declining in sales in recent years, and its market share is getting smaller and smaller, and it can no longer reach its heyday. In this regard, professionals in the industry have made a lot of speculation, and three of them have the highest voice:

1. The long warranty period inhibits new demands: the warranty period of the mattress is generally too long, and the 25-year mattress warranty does not make the consumer feel that a mattress that has been used for 10 years needs to be replaced;

2. The rise of mattress cover sales: It can be used like a band-aid on a mattress that has been worn out. As long as you add some personalized fashion elements, it is easy to get the heart of the public, an old bed. Padded for a brand new look, everyone will not want to replace it;

3. Beds with integrated bed: With the changes of the times, people gradually began to accept beds that were imported from abroad, and the sales of mattresses naturally declined.

In 2005, the ISPA International Sleep Products Association conducted an in-depth investigation into the increasingly weak mattress market and came up with another guess: sales of spring mattresses have decreased.

Data show that since 2005, spring mattress shipments have fallen by 22.3%, from $21.87 million to $169.98 million in 2013. During the same period, sales of professional mattresses increased significantly by 45.6%, from $2.115 million in 2005 to $3.079 million in 2013. From this we can conclude that although the mattress industry's shipments have been decreasing, the wholesale business of the mattress industry has been steadily increasing, of which high-priced professional mattresses play a key role.

In the data of ISPA, we can easily see that the mattress industry is slowly changing, and replacing the lost market share with better mattress products has become an inevitable trend in the mattress development industry. So, why are professional sleep mattresses more and more popular with the public? Today, Xiaobian compares traditional spring mattresses with specialized sleep mattresses to see if this trend is inevitable.

As the leading brand in the foreign mattress industry, FALOMO has been at the forefront of specialized sleep mattresses. It is the pioneer of global eco-tech mattresses, the president of the Vatican Pope and the famous Italian Ferrari (Ferrari), the president of the LV package. Are using it.

The FALOMO mattresses are mainly high-end consumers. Only one factory in Venice, Italy, has truly achieved technical protection and quality assurance. Space technology and biotechnology are combined with each other to effectively extract the soybean gene BIOH alcohol as raw material to make soy sponge. The world's latest water-assisted foaming technology eliminates the intrusion of harmful substances, without adding any chemicals. Environmentally friendly, healthy, and all mattresses have passed the EU's highest environmental standards, is a true bio-environmental product, no harm to the human body and the environment, fully embodies the green, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon concept of the product. .

Compared with traditional spring mattresses:



The support points of the spring mattress are only about 700, which can't be well matched with the human body. As the use time increases, it will slowly lose its resilience, causing collapse and affecting the curvature of the human spine.

FALOMO's biological memory mattress, in which the soy foam support point reaches 100,000, can better support all parts of the body, especially the neck and buttocks, can be perfectly compliant, and has automatic memory rebound The function of the mattress is extended, the comfort is longer, and there is no collapse;

2. Temperature control moisturizing function


Traditional spring mattresses exist only as bedding and have no other functions. However, FALOMO's specialized sleep mattresses are different. In order to create a better sleep, the mattress uses advanced science and technology to achieve the constant temperature and moisturizing function of the mattress. The internal small molecular structure is like a ventilator. It can breathe freely, ensuring the breathability of the mattress, dustproof, clean and hygienic.

3. Health care function


Traditional spring mattresses have fewer support points and poor resilience, which is not conducive to the safety of the elderly and children. Long-term use can cause physical illness and needs to be replaced regularly. FALOMO biological memory mattress, the internal material is made of soybean soybean gene BIOH alcohol as raw material, soy oil in soybean is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, which has the effect of lowering blood fat and cholesterol. Prevent cardiovascular disease;

Having said that, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the development of mattresses and professional sleep mattresses. If you want to know more about the mattress industry, please visit the GO Jiaju website. GO is a well-known home sharing guide platform in China. It provides a large number of home business opportunities for millions of brand furniture manufacturers, furniture companies and furniture dealers. Netizens and manufacturers communicate online through home forums to form a real interactive platform.

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