What is the analgesic pump composition

With the development of economy and science and technology, the medical undertaking of our country has been made from the pure Chinese medicine made to the present-day Chinese and Western medicine, and the medical undertaking in our country has been made A great achievement. But for ordinary people, the equipment in the medical field is not well understood, for example, what is the analgesic pump composition? Analgesic pump for patients what effect? What is the analgesic pump analgesic pump is a regular quantitative medical equipment for painkillers, also known as analgesia pump. There are many types, mainly by the damping tube, dosing mouth, liquid receiver, protective shell, filters, flow control, protective cover and other components, the injection of pain or narcotic drugs. Mainly used for postoperative analgesia, painless childbirth, chronic pain treatment, cancer analgesia, etc., and other need continuous infusion of trace liquid treatment. Mainly by the doctor according to the treatment needs to set the appropriate dose, choose analgesic pump model. In addition, with the PCA (patient-controlled device), so that patients can control the infusion of additional liquid dose, to achieve the purpose of individualized medication. Analgesic pump also has some side effects, but varies from person to person. Some patients with poor anal exhaust defecation, which is to make the intestinal motility weakened (mostly abdominal surgery patients), as well as nausea and vomiting, urinary retention, itching, hypotension, respiratory depression and so on. These are individual phenomena, different patients, the clinical application of the phenomenon are not the same, especially the application of PCA, patients can control their own use, adverse reactions have been controlled. Through the above analgesic pump analysis and interpretation of painkillers we can have a preliminary understanding. The medical cause has a very significant impact on human life and human progress. It can also have a huge impact on our economy and science and technology. More attention to the medical cause is a topic that the whole industry needs to pay attention to.

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