China National Huaxin Mabende Project Technical Specifications Up to Design Level

Recently, a good news came from the African continent: China Nonferrous Metals Group Hong Kong-listed company China Nonferrous Metals Mining Co., Ltd. The Chambishi Wet Metal Smelting Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Wet-Law Company) Congo (Gold)-funded enterprise China National Huaxin Mining Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation Zhongxin Huaxin 20,000 tons of cathode copper wet smelting project (referred to as Mabende project) has reached the design level.
After the Congolese (Gold) Mabende project produced its first batch of finished copper products on March 14, 2014, through the joint efforts of management and technical personnel, it has overcome the difficulties of power supply and raw material impurities, since July 2014. At the beginning, the technological metrics such as copper leaching rate, extraction rate, and cathode copper sulfuric acid unit consumption reached the design level.
The Mabende project is located in the Mabende district of Lubumbashi, Katanga province, Congo (Gold). On April 4, 2013, the project started construction. On March 14, 2014, the first copper cathode was produced. The project lasted 11 months and the total investment did not exceed 100 million U.S. dollars. From the scale to the construction speed, it has created a new record for overseas development of Chinese companies. The Congolese (Gold) Mabund project surrounded by trees and forests is locally known as the “garden factory in the African forest”.

1. The guide rail is rectangular;
 2. It has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, good stability and low deflection.
 3. Use the fork to lock the column device to prevent the skateboard and the beam from falling, to prevent the accident from causing the beam to fall.
 4. It is widely used in the automatic welding processing of large-scale cylinder workpieces and structures. It is an automatic and efficient auxiliary machine that guarantees welding quality, improves production efficiency and improves working environment.

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