Unqualified children's furniture in the Shenzhen market everywhere

Dangerous sharp cabinet edges, oversized high and low beds, airtight wardrobes, pungent materials... Children's furniture that sends dangerous signals to children and children can be seen everywhere in Shenzhen. Although it has been more than a year since China officially implemented the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture (hereinafter referred to as the “New National Standard”) in August 2012, it does not seem to have a great impact on the market.
How many children's furniture still does not meet the standard in the market? How much do parents know about the “new national standard”? In response, the newspaper launched a survey on children's furniture safety for thousands of people. The results showed that most parents did not understand the "new national standard", and half of the parents said that their children had been injured because of unsafe furniture. In addition, during the National Day, the reporter also visited Shenzhen Red Star Macalline Furniture City, Jinhaima Furniture Wholesale City, IKEA Home and European City Xiangjiang Home and many other large and small furniture stores, and found that there are still many children's furniture in the design structure is not up to standard .
Investigating half of the children had suffered from furniture injuries. Although the “new national standard” was promulgated and implemented for more than a year, more than half of the parents in the survey said they did not know about the standard. If they know the relevant standards, they will definitely purchase children's furniture with reference to the standards. When asked about the purchase of children's furniture, what are the priorities? 42.86% of the parents said that the structural safety of the furniture was given priority, followed by 38.78% of the parents would consider the environmental protection of the materials.
It is worth mentioning that half of the parents in the survey indicated that their children had suffered different degrees of damage to their furniture. Among them, 38.78% of the children were injured by the prominent parts of the furniture, and 26.53% of the children were scratched by the tip of the furniture.
According to the previous experience of purchasing children's furniture, more than 80% of the parents believe that the current children's furniture has different types and different degrees of problems. Among them, the three problems of excessive release of harmful substances, sharp edges or sharp edges and no special treatment of the protrusions are among the top three; secondly, the stability of the department furniture is poor, it is easy to accidentally move or the sealing area of ​​the cabinet such as folding and wardrobe is breathable. The problem of poor sex is also mentioned by parents.
Visiting closed furniture into a hard-hit area, the purchasers are not aware of the "new national standard"
According to the requirements of the new national standard for children's furniture, the reporter conducted a market survey one by one, and found that except for a few major brands, most brands of children's furniture have different levels of security risks. Moreover, many of the store's shopping guides are not very informed about the requirements of the new national standard.
Phenomenon â–¶ â–· structural safety is not up to standard hazard 1: sharp corners can still be seen in the new national standard for children's furniture "safety requirements" one: the requirements for children's furniture products should not be dangerous sharp edges and tips, edges and edges should Rounded or chamfered. The contactable dangerous external angle of the product below the ground level of 1600mm should be rounded, and the rounding radius should be no less than 10mm, or the inverted arc length should be no less than 15mm.
The reporter came to the IKEA home survey and found that almost all the desk cabinets in IKEA were sharp and angular. Because the edges were sprayed with paint, they would not feel sharp, but the corners of the table were still sharp. For example, a 120 x 50 cm desk called Mick, the corners of the table are very sharp, and without any protection, it is easy to be hurt by the corner of the table. However, the reporter found that in order to solve this problem, IKEA also sells curved accessories fixed at the corner of the table. Consumers need to purchase separately to make the table corner round.
The reporter then went to Xiangjiang Home in Europe City, a children's furniture store called Columbini. Almost all the corners of the furniture were not specially treated. The sales staff said that these are all board materials, so this is the only way.
Hidden dangers 2: Closed furniture without venting vents In order to enhance the breathability of furniture and prevent children from being trapped and accidentally suffocated, the new national standard clearly stipulates that “closed furniture” should have vents and the density of vents and Specifications are specified. The reporter visited and found that most of the children's wardrobes in IKEA have no vents. In a children's furniture brand in Jinhaima Furniture City, a wardrobe with no vents is being offered for price reduction. The salesperson said that there are vents that are easy to get into dust and bugs. In addition, in the high-end series of British huts in the colorful life, there is also a wardrobe without a vent is playing specials, sales staff said that this is the old model, and now the new has vents. In the reporter's visit, the poor ventilation of the children's wardrobe became a common problem, and the smell emitted in the closet was quite pungent.
Hidden Danger 3: Push-pull device to pull off risk children love to play the nature of the nature, decided that children's furniture with drawers and other push-pull devices need to be equipped with better anti-pull structure or accessories, so as to avoid accidental pull-off injury. The new national standard also clearly stipulates that in the children's furniture products, "drawers, keyboard holders and other push-pull parts should have anti-pulling devices." The reporter learned from many children's furniture markets in Shenzhen that many cabinets currently used for children have been adopted. There are three guide rails with good bearing capacity. However, there are still some products that still use roller-type slide rails with simple structure and poor bearing capacity. For example, IKEA desk drawers and Daniel Jack's cabinets use roller-type slide rails. These rails can be pulled out by simply lifting the drawer or skateboard up. Although this design seems flexible, it is easy for a child with hyperactivity to fall off the drawer or the skateboard and injure it.
At present, the situation of structural safety in the sale of children's furniture in Shenzhen is uneven. In general, children's furniture is better in terms of dangerous protrusions and anti-pinch; in contrast, it is not satisfactory in terms of stability against pull-out, anti-movement, anti-sliding, and ventilation of sealed furniture; sharp edge tips There is still room for improvement in terms of handling. From the point of view of the product in question, the situation of brand stores and branded products is generally good, while the situation of some unknown products is not optimistic.
Phenomenon 2 â–¶ Partial inspection report is ambiguous. In addition to the clear provisions on the safety of children's furniture structure, it also imposes strict environmental requirements on the materials used in furniture, and these indicators will be in a piece of furniture. It is reflected in the inspection report.
During the investigation, the reporter repeatedly asked the sales staff whether the product had a certificate, and the sales personnel clearly stated that the product met the national standards, but some brands failed to produce the product inspection report. A salesperson presented the inspection report of the product at the request of the reporter. What is puzzling is that the test results of the items explicitly requested in some new national standards are indicated by “-” and are not qualified. When the reporter raised the question, the salesperson said that "it is definitely the case that all the items are qualified before the inspection report is issued."
Phenomenon â–¶ Many purchasers are unclear about the new national standard. Although the new national standard has been implemented for one year, many brand guides are still unclear about the standard. When the reporter visited, he repeatedly asked about the new national standard, but many guides were either silent or only said that "products are up to standard". Only a few big brands of shopping guides are clear about the new national standard.
When the reporter looked at the children's wardrobe in the store of colorful life, the shopping guide took the initiative to go forward and told the reporter: "The vents of our wardrobes are all beyond the size specified by the national standard, and absolutely ventilated. We are one of the drafting units of the new national standard. The new national standard was drafted according to the standards of our products, and all products are absolutely up to standard.” The reporter also saw the video of the store’s door looping the news about the new national standard, and the guides knew about the new national standard.
Why is it difficult to analyze the power of the new national standard?
As the nation's first mandatory standard for regulating children's furniture products, the new national standard ended the era of “no housekeeping” in the children's furniture market. According to the investigation, the standard did not seem to be very binding on the business, nor did it. A huge shock to the market. In fact, what is the attitude of the industry to the new national standard? Why is the power of the new national standard difficult to highlight?
Industry association: "Standards are too harsh"
Guan Yongkang, executive vice president of the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, told reporters that the standard's requirements for environmental protection of products are unquestionable. Many big brands have always adhered to the principle of environmental protection, but the requirements for product design are unavoidable. Some biased. “The design requirements for the curved corners of children's furniture are too strict in the standard.” Guan Yongkang told reporters that the design of panel furniture is difficult to make the corners very round.
“Even in Europe, there is no requirement that the corners of all children's furniture must be rounded.” Guan Yongkang said that if mandatory, it will definitely bring environmental problems. “If the plate furniture is required to be rounded, the only way is to paint, otherwise it will not be rounded, but the paint itself is not environmentally friendly.”
Guan Yongkang told reporters that in the daily use of furniture materials, the use of wood-based panels is the largest, while the melamine panels in wood-based panels are the most environmentally friendly, but such panels have a fatal weakness, that is, they can only be flat, not Perform surface machining, especially for corners. “In Europe, 90% of the furniture is made of these plates. The European practice is to seal the corners with thick PVC edges and round the corners. This corner is relatively soft, but it is not like China requires rounding to the exact value. Therefore, for some children's furniture with their own design style, this standard is called to limit the shackles of design thinking.
Guan Yongkang said that from the current situation, the business has not changed the design so much, and the association has not received the clear request from the merchant to change the standard.
Merchant: "The industry will have a shuffling process"
The reporter learned from some merchants that as a manufacturer, after the implementation of the new standard, the price of the product basically has no effect, but does not rule out the price of some styles is slightly raised. Fang Yafu, director of Shenzhen Songbao Kingdom Children's Furniture Brand Center, told reporters that if you want to redesign unqualified products, the investment in process transformation, product development, manpower and material resources will increase the cost, which may lead to some Product prices rose slightly. According to its understanding, from the official implementation of the standard to the present, many companies are dumping their original inventory products.
Fang Yafu said that the requirements of the Songbao Kingdom for the products have been very strict before the implementation of the new standards. Because they were originally made of solid wood materials, they are in line with European standards in environmental protection and design. However, after the introduction of the new national standard, they immediately accepted the inspection of the new national standard and obtained the relevant inspection certificate posted at the door of each major store. “Consumers can request inspection certificates from major stores at any time.” Fang Yafu believes that this is a process of shuffling the industry. As the country’s norms continue to improve, consumers’ awareness of consumption continues to increase, and unqualified products will gradually Was cleared out and automatically eliminated.
Designer: "Safety is the most basic requirement"
In the view of Cui Zhuojun, a strategic designer at the Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute, the most important thing in the design of children's furniture is to ensure its safety. "Some cabinets are designed to be narrower and flatter. Children may dump the entire cabinet during the process of taking books or climbing. Therefore, the cabinets for young children cannot be designed too narrowly. At least, it is mechanically guaranteed to be stable. Secondly, such a cabinet should be connected to the wall to reinforce it."
However, Cui Zhuojun believes that this national standard only puts forward the basic requirements for children's furniture design, but there should be other requirements in reflecting the humanized care of young children. "Children's furniture is to cultivate children's independent personality to a certain extent. They should not be too adult in designing colors and elements, and should be in line with their hobbies." Cui Zhuojun believes that in addition to safety considerations, children's furniture is Design also needs special attention. “For example, the color is too sharp and shiny, or the use of shiny elements such as rhinestones, or some luxury elements are not suitable.”
The industry reminds us of experiential purchases and requests for proof. In Guan Yongkang's view, the safety of children's furniture does not necessarily require so-called standards to be standardized. As consumers who actually use them, they can judge the products themselves through personal experience and feelings. Bad. “It is recommended that parents take their children to buy furniture suitable for their children and let them feel it for themselves.

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