What do you not know what is the ground floor project?

The main demolition reform, hydropower reform, paint painting, ground leveling ... People who have experienced renovations should be familiar with these terms, and if they are asked, they can also say one or two hundred thirty-four. Many of the people who are going to talk about today may find it strange. It is called a floor project. What is the ground floor project? What are the construction contents of the floor? Is there anything to watch out for? Let's answer these questions one by one.

First, what is the ground floor project

Floor engineering actually consists of two parts: floor engineering and ground engineering. Ground engineering is generally composed of structural layers such as cushions, moisture barriers, screeds, bonding layers, and surface layers; floors are generally composed of leveling layers, bonding layers, and surface layers. In the general house decoration design, the ground floor project mainly includes the ground level elevation leveling, floor tile, door rock or skirting line installation, moisture treatment, leakproof treatment and so on.

Second, the decoration process in the ground floor construction content

The building groundwork during the housing renovation process is simpler than the ground construction during the construction of the house. The main content of the building groundwork during the decoration process is to modify and decorate the building groundwork during the construction period. The following Xiaobian made a brief introduction to the floor construction of the building during the renovation process.

1. Ground level elevation

In the renovation process, in addition to the bathroom and balcony to do leak prevention, living room, dining room, bedroom and other space only need to do a good job of leveling the ground base leveling. In general, ground level elevation and paving indoor floor tiles are performed simultaneously. Before construction, the dust on the grassroots floor is swept away and the ground floor is cleaned; according to the +1000mm horizontal line on the wall, the elevation of the floor is measured downwards, and marks are marked with bullets; according to the level line of the surface elevation of the wall surrounding the room Determine the thickness of the plastering layer. Then lay cement mortar and lay bricks. After the hard construction of the floor tile is paved, the cement mortar is tapped with a rubber mallet. After 24 hours of completion, the water sprinkling is maintained to keep it moist, waiting for the cement mortar to dry and solidify to check the leveling of the floor and the condition of laying the tiles.

2. Ground leakage treatment

The bathroom is the main place for water use, especially the position of the shower room. If the ground is often in the state of flooding the Jinshan Mountain, it is especially important to make the ground leak-proof. Before doing the ground leakage prevention treatment, we must do a good job of leveling the ground floor elevation, which can effectively avoid leakage caused by the uneven coating of the waterproof coating material. Before doing waterproofing, be sure to clean the floor, wait until the ground is completely dry, and then brush repeatedly with waterproof paint two or three times. In addition, the seam between the wall and the ground and the joints between the pipeline and the ground are the key parts where water leakage will occur. It must be carefully brushed and well-prevented.

3. Baseboard installation

The installation of the baseboard is to better combine the wall and the ground to reduce the deformation of the wall and prevent the external force from colliding and damaging the wall. Under normal circumstances, the baseboard is made of floor tiles, which can ensure the color of the floor tiles and the unity of the whole, making it more clean and tidy. The height of the baseboard is generally between 8-12mm. It is too low. It appears that the overall ratio is out of balance and is too high. When installing the baseboard, according to the wall ribs and the standard horizontal line, use the cement mortar to wipe the bottom ash. After the bottom mortar is hardened, paste the 2~3mm plain cement paste on the tile skirting board and paste it with a rubber hammer. And pay attention to leveling and looking straight at any time.

Third, building ground engineering construction matters needing attention

During the renovation process, inspecting the construction quality of the ground engineering of the building can pay attention to several aspects. First, empty drums and cracks are generally caused by the poor handling of the grass roots or inadequate construction techniques. Slurry scheduling should be suitable, too dry or too thin can cause grassroots uneven. In addition, when tiling is classified, it must be affixed in the direction indicated by the tile manufacturer, otherwise it is not easy to level. The second is to prevent leakage, in order to improve its waterproof performance, the ground according to design requirements using two cloth three plastic waterproof layer, and do to the floor elevation above 200mm.

The above is the relevant information on the ground floor project, I believe we have a certain understanding of the contents of the ground floor construction program. Decoration is a brand-new subject for ordinary people. Only by looking more and understanding more during the decoration process can we have a more comprehensive understanding of the decoration.

Decoration construction knowledge

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