2010 Guangzhou Home Furnishing Market Business Forum and Huangshi Furniture Grand Plaza Press Conference to be Held

Since the introduction of the new property policy, domestic home sales have entered a relatively sluggish adjustment period. The vigorous expansion of the Guangzhou home furnishing store should gradually cool down, but the development of the "plot" is diametrically opposed. In the coming year, home furnishing giants such as Home, Ou Yada, Red Star Macalline, etc. have all been passed into Huangshi, Guangzhou. Within a few kilometers of Huangshi Road, the area of ​​home stores will reach one million!

How to make a strategic positioning in the "fight" of the home market? How to establish a brand and create a core competitive advantage in future market competition? Sponsored by Guangdong Furniture Industry Research Institute, "Home Furnishing Business" magazine, and organized by Guangzhou Huangshi Furniture Plaza and Yuecheng Business Center, "2010 Guangzhou Home Furnishing Market Business Forum" will be held in Guangzhou Baiyun at 14:00 on October 15, 2010 The Foshan Hall of Building 2 of the International Conference Center was held. This forum will shoulder the responsibility of promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and invite industry leaders, experts, and home furnishing stores and distributors to sit down and discuss, and plan a "win" strategy for Guangzhou Home Furnishing!

At the same time, as one of the earliest shopping malls in Huangshi Commercial Circle, Huangshi Furniture Plaza will introduce the marketing model of the factory store in the headquarters, and actively promote all businesses in Huangshi Furniture Plaza to respond to the "selling conscience furniture "Business" concept, consolidate the relationship between the mall and manufacturers, dealers.

"Home Furnishing" magazine, Sohu, Sina, Netease, Soufang, Tencent, Pacific Fashion Home, Asia-Pacific Furniture News, China Furniture Report, Home Fortune, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Information Times and other major media Will report live.

The main speakers and topics of this event are: the domestic macroeconomic situation and the layout of the Guangzhou home furnishing market (speaker: Professor Yang Zaigao, decision-making consultant of the Guangdong Provincial Government, director of the Regional Economic Research Institute of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences), foreign home furnishing Market development model and the development trend of Guangzhou's home furnishing market (guest speaker: Professor Hu Jingchu, Ph.D. tutor, director of the Academic Committee of Guangdong Furniture Industry Research Institute), and the continuous innovation of Guangzhou home furnishing marketing (guest speaker: Professor Wang Xianqing, Guangdong Business School Director of the Research Institute, Director of Guangzhou Key Research Base for Modernization of Commercial Circulation), Guangzhou Home Consumer Psychology Reform and Modern Market Communication Strategy (Speaker: Professor Wu Wenhu, Former Dean of School of Journalism, Jinan University, Senior Communication Research Scholar), Guangzhou Home Market Business Order Reconstruction (Speaker: Jiang Dehui, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, President of Guangdong Furniture Industry Research Institute), Profit Model of Huangshi Furniture Grand Plaza and Merchant Marketing Innovation (Speaker: Zhou Gaojun, President of Huangshi Furniture Grand Plaza through Management), the way of home brand management (guest speaker: Lin Weiming, chairman of Guangzhou Happy Home), etc.

Summit Dialogue, Fengyun Interview, sincerely invite industry colleagues to come!

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