Cabinet exports encountered "green barriers"

At a time when the global economic trend is still confusing, can exports, once described as one of the main ways to drive China's economic growth, still provide financial resources for Chinese cabinet enterprises? Can the Chinese cabinet industry, whose export value accounts for more than 30% of total sales, welcome "Spring" for export trade? Is the road of Chinese cabinet export still smooth?

The European Union and the United States have recently passed and announced new environmental standards for Chinese wooden crafts. The implementation of these laws will form a "green barrier" to the export of solid wood cabinets in China. Experts remind cabinet enterprises to increase the intensity of reforming traditional craftsmanship and the introduction of advanced technologies to make cabinet products conform to the technical standards of important export markets.

The Spanish Customs Inspection Department said: Since the end of June, customs across the country have generally begun strict inspections on furniture imported from abroad. Furniture products imported from China are the key targets of this inspection.

According to the customs, Spain is a major importer of furniture. In the first quarter of this year alone, companies across Spain imported furniture products worth 628 million euros from abroad.

Although the import volume of Spanish furniture is large, before that, the quality inspection of imported furniture by the government and customs has not formed a perfect system. Security poses a hidden danger.

At present, the port of Valencia is the port where the customs inspects the furniture import products the most, mainly because the vast majority of the furniture imported by Spain is completed through the port.

The customs estimates that in 2010, they will randomly check at least 4 million pieces of furniture products imported from various countries, and furniture products imported from China and Vietnam are the main targets of the Spanish customs inspection.

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