Advantages and disadvantages of wallpapers and wall coverings Wallpapers and wall coverings

Many people in wallpapers and wall coverings are not clear. Many people think that they are the same when they don't understand. In fact, these two are different types of wall decorations. Today, we will introduce you to wallpaper and wall. The advantages and disadvantages of cloth , together to see what the difference between the two and related knowledge!

What is a wall cloth

The wall cloth is made of cotton cloth, and then printed or embossed on the base cloth to paste the wall fabric. Create a beautiful pattern, showing a 3D effect.

What is a wallpaper

Everyone is familiar with wallpaper. It is a kind of material that is widely used in interior decoration. Because of its color, pattern and security, it is more commonly used.

The advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and wall covering

Wall covering advantages

1. The wall covering can be customized according to the actual perimeter of the home, and there is no seam after it is attached to the wall. Therefore, there will be no problem of curling or curling.

2. The thickness of the wall covering itself is relatively thick, that is, it can protect the wall and is relatively wear-resistant. Don't worry about scratches or black marks with friction or long-term contact.

3. Genuine wall coverings, the raw materials used are cotton, linen and other materials, have strong tensile properties, and are very environmentally friendly.

Wall Cloth Disadvantages

When the paste is used, windows and doors need to be cut and there is a certain loss. Seamless wall covering costs slightly more expensive than wallpaper.

Wallpaper advantages

1. The color of the wallpaper is pure and the color of the wallpaper is always pure, so the effect of the decoration will not be too different from the expected effect.

2. The health index of wallpaper is relatively high, and the wallpaper is mainly composed of paper base and ink, so the hazard is low.

3. The construction process of wallpaper is relatively simple and the construction speed is very fast. When wallpapering, if the glue spills, use a wet rag or sponge to remove it.

Wallpaper disadvantages

Can easily be scratched; once stained with oil is not clean; general wallpaper on the wall and indoor humidity requirements are high, if the humidity is too large, it is easy to moisture cracking.

Wallpaper and wall cloth care method

1. During the construction, select the season where the relative humidity of the air is below 85% and the temperature difference is not large. It must not be constructed during the wet season and on the wall.

2. During the construction period, keep indoor ventilation during the day and close doors and windows at night to prevent moisture from entering. The wallpaper that has just been affixed to the wall cannot be blown by the wind, which will affect the adhesive fastness and surface smoothness.

3, spilled adhesive solution, it is necessary to clean with a clean towel in a timely manner, especially the seam marks. The construction personnel should always keep their hands and tools clean. If they are stained, they should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent.

4, foam wallpaper wall cloth easy to dust, every 3-6 months need to clean once, can be used times Chen Qing brush or brush some water scrub, be careful not to infiltrate the water into the seams.

5, usually pay attention to prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing against the wall. After a certain period of time, cracking of joints in some places must be subsidized in a timely manner and cannot be allowed to develop.

The above is to bring everyone the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and wall coverings and maintenance, wall coverings and wallpapers have their own unique advantages, in the decoration, you can choose according to their own situation! Hope that the above introduction can let you know more about small know how.

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