Is Mona Lisa Tiles the First Line Brand?

Tiles are a kind of material that will be used in the decoration, either on the ground or on the wall, or in the living room or kitchen. However, many owners faced a wide range of tiles on the market, but did not know how to choose. Some people may ask, Mona Lisa tile is good, which is the Mona Lisa tile official website ? Today Qijia Xiaobian came to explain with you what is the Mona Lisa tile official website and some related knowledge!

Mona Lisa tile official website

There are two ways to enter the brand tile official website. One is to directly open a browser and then enter the 8 words “Mona Lisa Tiles Official Website”. The logo of the official website will appear on the browsing page, and we click to enter. can; Second, we directly enter the URL: http: //, click into the access to reach the Mona Lisa tile official website.

How Mona Lisa Tiles

(1) The brand is one of the top ten brands in the industry and is a first-line brand. It passed the ISO 9002 quality system certification in October 1999. In November 2002, it passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system revision certification, and has won the "China Top Brand Product", "National Inspection-free Products", and "China Construction Ceramics Brand". "," "Guangdong famous brand", "Guangdong Province high-tech enterprises", "Guangdong famous brand products", "Foshan ceramic top ten enterprises" and other honorary titles. Now it has 2 patents, 4 utility model patents and 80 exterior design patents.

(2) Its products mainly include: porcelain polished tiles, glazed inner wall tiles, antique tiles, artistic puzzle bricks, etc. Its product quality is good, for high-end products, pattern styles, the price is real, there is good consumption Word of mouth.

(3) The features of the product are as follows: The texture is natural, vivid, and has strong visual impact. It overcomes the burning problem caused by the special characteristics of the metal glaze, making the product not only have metallic luster or metal. The sense of corrosion has also demonstrated the artistic effect of personalization and fashion sense.

Mona Lisa how to pick tiles

(1) Look at the appearance. First of all, we can see if its appearance is smooth and clean, whether the surrounding corners are regular, and whether the patterns are unified. This point we can randomly draw four or five pieces from the box to see if there are chromatic aberration, deformation, missing corners and other defects.

(2) Listen to the sound. We can use some hard objects to tap on its surface. If the sound you hear is crisp, then the quality is better. If the sound you hear is dull and cloudy, it means the quality is poor. .

(3) Drop test. We can also directly drop some small water droplets on the back of it. The slower the water absorption, the higher the density of the tiles. On the contrary, if the water absorption is faster, the density of the tiles is smaller and the inner quality of the tiles is better.

Xiao Bian's words: In general, the quality of the brand's tiles is not too expensive and it is worth buying. The above is the relevant knowledge of the Mona Lisa tile official website explained by Xiao Bian and everyone. I hope I can give you some references! For more related content, you can pay attention to Qi Family Information, and follow-up will present more exciting content.

Mona Lisa tile official website

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