Tips: Those who wear anti-static jumpsuit

Anti-static clothing has been widely recognized and used in many industries. We also know that there are many different styles of anti-static clothing, and some industries that have relatively high anti-static performance and cleanliness requirements will generally choose anti-static clothing.

Then wear anti-static coveralls need to pay attention to what matters?

1, in the electromagnetic strong or high voltage lines, can not use anti-static coveralls.

2, anti-static overalls, including anti-static coveralls, and anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves supporting the use of. If it is a split service, it must be equipped with an antistatic hat.

3, anti-static coveralls can not be worn on occasions inflammable and explosive, can not be worn off in a dust-free clean room, to avoid causing safety accidents, or affect the cleanliness of the clean room.

4. Anti-static clothing cannot have metal attachments, nor can it carry any metal objects into a clean room. If you must use metal objects, you need to put them in the anti-static coverall's pocket and prevent the metal from being exposed.

5, if the anti-static piece clothing is damaged, off line, mildew, wash resistant times and other issues, the need for timely disposal.

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