Which is better for floor heating? Floor heating air conditioner price comparison

In the cold north, when we renovated houses will be installed heating or air conditioning, it is warm is now renovated house people more popular, in fact, air-conditioning and it was widely used, and that warm air conditioner in the end what good it? Warm air conditioner price how If that's what you want to know, let's take a look at the Xiaobian of the home of the decoration. I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian can help you.


First, which is better?

1. Air conditioning: air forced convection heat dissipation. Advantages: The heating speed is fast, and it can be installed before and after the decoration of the house. Disadvantages: air convection is fierce, fast flow rate will accelerate the evaporation of water in the air and raise dust When the convection heats up, the hot air is upwards, and the head is hot and cold and easy to get tired. At the same time, the room type of the hollow complex structure is very poor.

2, floor heating: using low-temperature radiation heat. Advantages: temperature from the bottom to the head awake not sultry hot air evaporation slow, not dry, no dust, environmental protection, health and comfort, the effect of the hollow complex structure is also very good concealment is also very Good. Disadvantages: It must be installed before the house decoration. The ground heat dissipation area is large and unobstructed. The effect on the bedroom and other places is poor (the bed and the cabinet block affect the space temperature). The starting speed is slow.

3, the floor heating: 1. Due to the dual role of radiation intensity and temperature, resulting in a thermal state that truly meets the body's heat dissipation requirements, therefore, has a sense of comfort. 2. It is not necessary to arrange the radiator inside the room, and it is not necessary to install the horizontal branch pipe connecting the radiator. Therefore, it not only does not occupy the building area, but also facilitates the arrangement of furniture. 3. The temperature distribution in the room along the height direction is relatively uniform, the temperature gradient is small, and the ineffective heat loss can be greatly reduced.

4. Since the indoor surface temperature is increased, the cold radiation of the surrounding surface to the human body is reduced, and the comfort is improved. It will not cause the rapid flow of indoor air, thus reducing the possibility of dust flying and improving the sanitary conditions. The separation of the rooms can be changed at will. Under the premise of establishing the same comfortable conditions, the design temperature of the room during radiant heating can be reduced by 2~3 °C compared with the heating of the radiator, thus saving heating energy.


Second, the comparison of floor heating and air conditioning prices

1. Floor heating cost (the middle value of the market price)

The total price of floor heating = material fee 200 (market price is generally 100-300 yuan / m2) * 100m2+ initial installation cost of about 20,000 = 40,000 yuan

If you use a gas boiler again, the price is 15,000 yuan (market price is 6,000 yuan - 3 million yuan)

Then, the cost of floor heating is 55,000 yuan.

2, air conditioning costs

If the central air conditioner is used, the number of products: 2P, brand: Haier, the market price is 6000 yuan / Taiwan, 100m2 house needs 3 central air conditioners to cover the entire area.

Therefore, the cost of purchasing and installation, air conditioning is much cheaper than floor heating.

However, the floor heating can be used normally for 50 years, while the central air-conditioning company guarantees a service life of 20 years, and the floor heating service life greatly exceeds the air conditioning.

The insulation effect of the floor heating is very good. The air conditioner can't be used as long as the power is cut off, so the small series suggest that it is better to install the floor heating. Through the above introduction, I think everyone knows about the floor heating or the air conditioning. Everyone knows it. Choose according to your own situation. If you still want to know more about decoration, then please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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