How are the advantages and disadvantages of fragrant Chinese pine furniture?

Nowadays, people all like natural things. They think that nature means environmental protection and health. This is also true for furniture. Solid wood furniture is now more choice for many people. However, fragrant cedar furniture comes with a scent of sultry, although it is naturally correct. , but the fragrance is harmless to the human body. Many people want to know, today Xiao Bian will take you to understand how the fir furniture, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Xiang fir furniture ?


First, the merits of fragrant Chinese fir furniture

1. Fragrant fir has its own natural woody aroma. It smells a refreshing sensation when it smells of this scent. It also makes people feel guilty. This makes people in the room feel good too. Now. The fragrant Chinese pine furniture emits a faint scent. This scent is purely natural, so it does not release a pungent smell. At the same time, its scent is not as rich as the pine wood scent. The odd furniture family Xiaobian feels like being in a fragrant Chinese fir furniture. There will not be any uncomfortable place in the room, but it will be more comfortable.

2. Fragrant fir furniture can well inhibit all kinds of skin inflammation, eliminate body fatigue and relieve stress, because the Chinese fir contained in the fir can kill bacteria in the air, inhibit human pathogens, so made of fragrant fir Furniture can inhibit a variety of skin inflammation. In addition, fragrant Chinese fir itself has the effect of Chinese medicine, so fragrant Chinese fir furniture can eliminate human fatigue and relieve stress.

3. Various colors, beautiful shapes, affordable prices, more environmentally friendly, in order to meet the needs of the market, incense cedar furniture is painted in a variety of colors, a variety of colors and aesthetics greatly broadens the range of consumer choice. Fragrant fir furniture also has obvious texture lines and beautiful shapes, giving us a pleasant aesthetic effect. In addition, the prices of fragrant Chinese fir are moderate, they are more environmentally friendly, they are accepted by the general public, and they are popular in the furniture market.


Second, the disadvantages of fragrant Chinese fir furniture

1. The material is soft and not strong enough. Fragrant fir is a solid wood furniture. The wood is not tight and the material is soft. There is no pine cypress and it is easy to be deformed. It cannot be used as artificial board.

2. Frequent post-maintenance requires a lot of investment. Fragrant fir furniture is affected by the material, and it needs frequent maintenance and costs in the later period. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will appear dirty.

3. It is not suitable to be placed in a high-temperature environment and placed in a high-temperature environment. Fragrant fir furniture is easy to crack, deform, and be discolored.

The above is the entire contents of fragrant fir furniture how kind, fragrant fir furniture is harmless, but you if you do not like the smell, reluctantly or not to buy. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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