Small apartment villa decoration materials small apartment villa decoration precautions

Now, as we improve our living standards, we are not only limited to having one home. We will choose to live in villas, and there are many different types of villas. If we live in small villas , how should we Renovation, then the decoration of the home decoration network Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the small apartment villa decoration materials and precautions.


First, the purchase of decoration materials is a major task of home improvement, some consumers think that buying in advance will save some time, but in fact it is not the case, many building materials must match the process of decorating the house, or wait for the construction of the house to some It is necessary to set the specific model, so it is necessary to communicate with the designer in advance, otherwise it will bring the later style to the whole home decoration style or need to change the model or re-purchase because it is not suitable, thus affecting the progress of the renovation of the house and effect.

Second, in general, the quality of the formal decoration materials market stores are basically guaranteed, the problem is that there are too many brands, and each brand has a lot of products, so often look at it. Of course, big brands, regardless of quality and design, are not cheap. Many second-tier brands also have a lot of high-quality products, but they will choose, otherwise they will waste time and energy.


Third, the selection of decoration materials and precautions

1. Switch panel: The metal part of the outer casing and the inner core is thick enough to cover the inner and inner structures without touching the hand. The design is strong, the LOGO is not too big, but whether it is printed or pressed, it is very delicate. There is no stagnation when the switch is pressed, and the touch switch does not need to be very hard to touch. Socket attention to whether the round hole straight hole is universal. Eligible brands are not too important.

2, wire: the outer insulation layer is thick enough, fold a few times, do not clink and white. Burn a part of the outer skin and look at the thickness of the copper core inside. Pay attention to distinguishing the different line numbers of ordinary appliances and high-power appliances.

3. Water pipe: There is a PPR glass fiber steady-state tube, which has a light blue-green glass fiber layer in the middle of the ordinary PPR tube. The wall thickness hardness and toughness are enough, the inner diameter is large enough, and it is more anti-freezing and anti-fracturing than the ordinary PPR tube. Better sex, divided into cold and heat pipes. Baidu can introduce more detailed introductions and brands to choose the one that suits you. In fact, there are not many problems with the water pipes, the key is on the connectors. Elbow joint valves also need to be purchased with reliable quality.

4, waterproof material: the preferred flexible waterproof coating. The advantage of this kind of coating is that after the brush is finished, a layer of tough waterproof membrane will be formed. As long as it is well coated, there will be no cracks in the seams and pipes of the wall, and it will not be caused by the sinking of the building or other external forces. The formed wall deforms and splits. And it is more environmentally friendly than waterproof mortar. Before the brush, the base layer should be done well. The large cracks should not be filled with water, and the uneven wall surface should be leveled with cement mortar. After doing a good job, block the floor drain, let the water stay for 24 hours to do the water shut-off test, and after 24 hours, go downstairs to see if there is any water leakage.

The above is the full content of the small-sized villa decoration materials for small-sized villa decoration materials provided by everyone. If you want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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