Warm tiles beautiful joints of the United States to warm the United States and the United States seam construction precautions

For the US grout, everyone is familiar with it, it is an indispensable product in tile filling, although it can make the tile more flat and beautiful, but if you choose not good, it will cause some of our health The harm, then, what is the harm to the warm seam of the tile ? And what should you pay attention to in the construction of warm tiles and beautiful seams? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

The dangers of warm seams of floor tiles :

1. What are the hazards of warm seam tiles ? The low-cost floor-warming ceramic tile sizing agent on the market is relatively poor in yellow and black-resistant properties, and discoloration occurs after one or two months of use. In addition, it is highly corrosive and the poorer the product's shelf life is, the shorter it will be.

2. In order to reduce costs, some unscrupulous merchants will add fillers to the US sizing agent, resulting in unnatural color and poor gloss.

3. Some floor-warming ceramic tile sizing agents made with low-cost curing agents or catalysts have relatively high toxicity and may cause cancer or infertility. Therefore, they must be carefully selected and used, and should not be sloppy.

Warm tiles beautiful construction precautions:

1. Before the construction, remove the dust from the surface and crevices with a rag, and then dry it to make a beautiful joint.

2. During construction, the interior should be kept dry. If the water vapor is relatively large, it is necessary to open the window to ventilate and dehumidify.

3, in the construction, it is best to choose the sun when the construction. If you want to work in rainy weather, make sure the windows are closed and then use a hair dryer to dry the moisture in the crevices.

4. During the construction, the water stain on the ground should be cleaned. If it is not clean, the US sizing agent and the water will have a chemical reaction, which will cause the color to darken or become lighter.

5. During the construction, it is necessary to keep the construction area clean and tidy, and the materials should not be placed in disorder so as not to affect the later construction.

6, if the use of double pipe US grout, then before the construction, the United States and the United States in the double pipe poured into the gun, stir, and then start the construction.

The article concludes: The dangers of the beautiful seams of floor heating tiles and the related knowledge of construction precautions for floor heating tiles are introduced here. If you need to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this site. We will have more exciting content for you. Offered.

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