Do-it-yourself cleaning to warm the floor

In the cold winter season, people constantly invent various ways to avoid the cold, and the warmth of the earth will rise. Now that many homes are being renovated, geothermal heating will be designed. Floor heating not only guarantees the supply of heat but also does not occupy space, so it is very popular. To use the floor warm for a long time, surely it will produce dirt, which will affect the heating effect. So, what should you do to clean your own floor ? What are the things to do to clean the floor? Here's to follow Xiaobian to understand it.

First, do it yourself

1. After the heating equipment starts operation, the heating company will pressurize the heating pipeline. The purpose of this is to supply the heat better to households. In the later period, we also used this water pressure to flush out the remaining impurities in the geothermal pipeline to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2. First of all, close the water inlet valve and separate the heating system of your home from the heating system in the entire area.

3. Install a faucet at the location of the return pipe plug. If you feel that you have this kind of hands-on ability, you can choose to install it yourself. If you feel that you are not skilled enough, you can also ask for a plumber. This can also be installed after the end of the heating period because it is more troublesome to install it during heating because the water in the pipeline is relatively large.

4. Turn off the water shut-off valves one by one, then leave only one open. Install a hose at the back of the faucet and connect it directly to your home's sewer.

5, the heating of the water inlet valve is opened, and then the valve of the faucet is opened, the hot water will be discharged along, so the dirt will be brought out by the water, so that it will play a cleaning effect.

6. After rinsing for a period of time, observe the quality of the water, and then follow the above method, so that each pipe is cleaned, so that a thorough cleaning is performed.

7, after the completion of these procedures, you can also clean the interception network, the dirt inside is also very much, if you think too much trouble, do not wash will not have much impact.

Second, what are the precautions for cleaning the floor?

1. It must be done with water pressure after the start of heating. There may still be a certain gap compared to professionals, so in fact, you can choose to pay for the professionals to clean and clean it more cleanly and safely.

2. When the diverter valve is opened, it can only be kept open. The other must be closed, so that the maximum pressure can be achieved.

3, after the end of the cleaning, we must remember that the inlet valve, the outlet valve and all the Feng Shui valve are open, in order to pass the heating.

Editor's summary: The above is Xiaobian's introduction to cleaning yourself and cleaning floor heating. After reading this article, is everyone getting a more comprehensive understanding of the specific operation of cleaning yourself ? Cleaning method, have you learned it?

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