Why is China's plastic machinery high-end equipment nearly 90% dependent on imports?

According to relevant data, the export volume of China's plastic machinery in the first three quarters increased by 19% year-on-year, the amount increased by 11% year-on-year, and the trade surplus of import and export was about 300 million US dollars. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's plastic machinery business owners from January to August The business of the business increased by 20% year-on-year. However, people who are really familiar with industry information have not felt much happiness. As long as the situation of nearly 90% of China's plastic machinery high-end equipment is not improved, the industry is very anxious.
China has "Made in China 2025", the United States has returned to manufacturing, and Germany has "Industry 4.0". The planning and establishment of these strategic systems have reached a goal of realizing the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and moving towards automation and intelligence. .
China's plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly under good policies and economy. Whether it is the domestically-precise precision five-roll calender transmission developed by Kangfa Machinery, it is the first domestic dual-machine launched in 2018. The 2nd floor 220L automatic blow molding mainframe, or the waste plastic recycling equipment independently developed by Zhongji Technology, demonstrates the vitality of China's plastic machine industry and the importance of intelligent manufacturing in the plastic machinery industry. However, looking at the overall situation of the industry, China's plastic machinery industry as a whole has the phenomenon of intellectual heat, weak Industrial foundation and weak driving force. The plastic machinery industry is from large to strong, from the back to the front, mainly due to lack of innovation and industrial base. The constraints of two major factors.
The advanced level of plastic machinery comes down to two words - "precision", including data acquisition accuracy, temperature control, flow and speed accuracy during production, safety index and energy consumption accuracy. The higher the level of plastic machinery, the higher the science and technology, the higher the requirements for “precision”. Accurate quantity and data control have a significant impact on energy savings, cost reduction and environmental protection.
With the deepening of China's plastic machinery industry, the development of large-scale and strong processes, the high-precision manufacturing demand and requirements have proliferated, and the industrial transformation has entered a bottleneck period. The independent research and development of plastic machinery is difficult. It is understood that some enterprises have such a phenomenon in product R&D design: in the research and development process, the researchers found that the “precision” of a certain component of the test equipment is insufficient, and it is unable to support the long-term effective operation of the machine. In order to achieve the R&D goal, the zero must be improved. Structural performance of the part. The weak process of basic components affects the speed and progress of product development.
There are also some companies that have fundamental problems, that is, the direction of research and development is unknown. Enterprises want to innovate and develop their own products, but they can't find research and development objects. I don't know where to start. They can only stare at the industry giants, copying their equipment for manufacturing R&D, and falling into a step backward and backward step by step.

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