What is the parking lot signal? Common problems and solutions for the parking lot signal

There are many single-lane lanes in existing urban parking lots designed for cornering or narrowness. When the vehicle owner enters or exits, it is impossible to judge whether there is a car on the opposite side through the human eye. This can easily result in congestion in the middle of the passageway, causing unnecessary coordination costs for property management. This article provides a smart command channel vehicle traffic system management solution that can fully meet the needs of the parking design and provide modern intelligent parking services for the property.
The system is mainly used for two-way traffic, the channel can not transfer the middle. The system consists of two traffic light controllers PGS-330 and two sets of signals. The specific use process is as follows:
1. When there is no car in the channel, the two ends are green; when the car at one end enters, the other end turns on red light; when the number of vehicles in the channel is greater than or equal to the set quantity, the two-way light is red, until there is no car in the channel. When both ends are green again.
2. Automatic error correction function: When the coil count is wrong, the system will automatically return to the green state at both ends when it exceeds a certain time (red light transit time).
3. Real-time statistics on the free parking spaces in the parking lot can be connected to the free parking space guidance screen.

Problems during debugging or use are eliminated as follows:
Phenomenon A, STATE lamp has been flashing (normally about 3 seconds once).
1, check whether the CAN bus is connected correctly;
2. Check whether the address of the controller has the same phenomenon;
3. Is the CANL and RES of CAN interface of No. 1 machine short-circuited?
4. Is the CAN bus shielded?
Phenomenon 2. When vehicles enter the channel, both sides turn red.
Check whether the No. 1 controller has set the “channel maximum number of vehicles is 1.” In this case, as long as the two vehicles A, B port will be red light, need to change this parameter to solve, according to the length of the channel to set the number.
Phenomenon 3: When a vehicle enters port A, port A turns red, and port B turns green.
Check if the connection of the traffic lights is reversed.

Phenomenon 4. When there are no vehicles passing through the two ports, there is a red light.
Belong to the coil construction problem, please refer to the coil construction specification.
Phenomenon 5: The car enters the red light and goes out with a red light.
1, check the order of the senses on the controller, the correct AB-BA;
2. Check if each place is normal, the car comes on, and the car goes off;
3. Check if CANH and RES are short-circuited.
Phenomenon 6, red and green lights at the same time off.
1. Check whether the power supply of the detector is 9-12V (when calculating the power of the detector and indicator light, consider the impedance of the line);
2. Is the wiring of the traffic lights correct?
Phenomenon Seven: The traffic light system is not working properly. Both sides are not illuminated with a red light.
1. Check if the red light is broken;
2. Whether the two controllers are connected or not, controller 2 must short CAN-L and RES. Controller numbers should be set to 1 and 2 respectively.

Phenomenon 8. No wiring, there are two controllers and I do not know how to connect.
1, relay A control traffic lights (normally open green light, normally closed red light);
2. Controller 2 shorts CAN-L and RES, and other lines are connected normally.

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