Integrating into the core of American culture, setting a new benchmark for multi-family design

Whenever you spy on the core of American culture, it is not difficult to find two keywords intertwined, that is, freedom and tolerance. Designed by Suno Bernard, this case is unveiled with a new American style. It is full of imagination and incorporates a variety of elements to set a new benchmark for villa life. Here are some questions about the modern American style decoration , follow the small series to find out!


The first layer is shaped by natural materials, textured colors and neat lines. The simplicity of the art has a deep and beautiful form of art. Furnishing with an industrial vintage, it expresses the owner's exploration of different values ​​in the home world.

A map of Beijing at the entrance, a leather shoe care kit, two suitcases, these three things with the memories of the early 20th century: a suitcase is a proof of travel around, and in the old map, not only contains It is spatial information, and more important is the time node. The freeze is on a certain historical turn, and the martyrdom comes from the vague one.


Looking out from the study, the restaurant was unveiled. In the top-down blowing space, the brass chandelier hangs to a pleasant height, and the spherical lampshade is like the scattered cells that are organized and dense.

The pink-green chair sits around the table for a week, surrounded by flowers and blue-and-white porcelain tableware, occupying the center of the shared space. From here, you can see the corners of the room and become a dining area with four sides to enjoy the scenery. Empty to magnify the satisfaction of the dining process.


The living room fireplace is like a magnet to attract people to the living room space. The two sides of the center axis are opposite leather sofas. There is a kind of freedom and laziness. From the color point of view, dark furniture and black marble wall, with books, this is a typical masculine space.

On the back of the right sofa, there is a three-run circular staircase, a meeting space for traffic and living rooms. The designer did not use the entire wall to make space enclosures, and got rid of the sense of bureaucracy brought about by the separation and punishment of the two functions. Choosing to use art to make a partition, bringing a sense of ritual into the stairwell, added a lively visual factor in the square space.


On the opposite side of the living room of the fireplace, the designer adopted a scatter layout method, and the leisure living room was blended with smart furniture. The circular coffee table spread out to form a semi-curved sofa and a separate single chair. The light color is the hostess. And the girlfriends create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. The layout contrast between the squares enriches the sense of form in the space.

There are also a lot of soft decoration in the kitchen. The lively and lovely whiteboard and shelf decoration have not forgotten to create a petty bourgeoisie. The wooden cabinets and cabinets are painted in vermilion, which is clean and vivid with the white wall.

The above is the whole content of the modern American style decoration brought by Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, the young master has a basic understanding of modern American style decoration . If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click Enter the decorative process section.

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