Analysis of the cause of rolling bearing damage

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Analysis of the cause of rolling bearing damage

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-05-16

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Analysis of the cause of rolling bearing damage:
In the process of using the bearing; because of the reasons of its own quality and external conditions; the bearing capacity of the bearing; the rotation precision and the friction-reducing function will change; when the function index of the bearing is lower than the application demand and cannot work normally; Damage or failure of the bearing; if the bearing is in an accidental situation such as damage, it will show that the machine and equipment are stopped; the utility is damaged and other abnormal phenomena.
Therefore, the reason for the need to investigate the bearing damage in a short period of time; and adopt the corresponding measures; of course; the damage of the rolling bearing is much more messy than the damage of the usual mechanical parts; the damage of the rolling bearing is characterized by many ways; the cause is messy; The connotation elements of bearing depiction and production; most of them are due to improper use; for example: suitable selection of cloth, unreasonable bearing depiction; improper installation; poor smoothness; poor sealing and other external factors.
It is of great significance to study the composition and cause of rolling bearing damage; on the one hand, it can improve the operation of FAG bearing; correctly use the bearing; give full play to the performance of the bearing; on the other hand, it can help develop new products with better function. In addition to the description of the use of rolling bearings, precautions, installation methods, work supervision, etc.; also focus on the analysis of the way and causes of bearing damage and countermeasures should be adopted.
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