The museum Tao Xide came to the furniture factory to snap up the pinnacle of Rangli! Mysterious gift comes with someone!

Nowadays it is a good season for decoration

If you are preparing or are renovating a new house

What furniture is prepared at home?

Please follow me immediately

Museum Tao Xide will send you a trip

Free food and drink tour also sent fine silk

(Attendants are sent to the card to send a fine silk.)

Museum Tao Xide to buy the meeting
The pinnacle is crazy! ! !

April 15 start on time, and from that day!

All free! All free! All free!

The 10,000-square-meter exhibition hall will

500 acres of plate production base

5 styles, 24 series snapped up at the same time

Golden egg on the scene

Washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven for you to take!

Hi Delai furniture factory snap up will soon begin!

High quality, low prices, opportunities not to be missed!

What are you waiting for?

Quickly move your fingers to grab your intentional quota!

way of participation

1. Prior to April 15th, you only need to pay 29.9 yuan of interest and you will be given a card of intent to participate in the event.

Note: The customer can receive a piece of silk at the group purchase site with the intention of receiving a credit card. The purchase price of the Group's intention can be as high as RMB 1,000. If the product is not purchased, the full refund of the intention money will be refunded in full!

Intention payment method:

Recognize the following figure QR code to pay 29.9 yuan to get a card of intention

(Identify the QR code below for immediate payment)

2, to the museum Tao Xide came to the home front desk to pay 50 yuan can also get a intention card

Address: 30m eastbound at the intersection of Xinhua Street and South Ring Road


The factory can save tens of thousands

Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei

Four provinces linked and exploded factory

The whole house custom package costs only 15,800 yuan to take home.

Custom top wardrobe 2999 yuan.

11 pieces of finished furniture only 8999 yuan.

砸 砸 蛋 大 大 家电 家电 家电 家电 家电 家电 家电 家电!

You can also enjoy the company's highest cash subsidy of 1,000 yuan!

Address: 30m eastbound at the intersection of Xinhua Street and South Ring Road


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