German fire fighting things

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German smoke alarm device

The Germans are known for their rigorousness and their fire protection is no exception.

Visitors to Germany will repeatedly emphasize the guides during their stay:

Do not smoke in the room, otherwise it will trigger a smoke alarm alarm!

We must know that firefighters in Europe and the United States have to pay for the task. There are students from Germany and Germany who once spoke on the forum:

Cooking in the kitchen caused the smoke alarm to alarm. A few minutes later, the fire alarm bell rang downstairs. The fireman looked at nothing and immediately left, and after a few weeks the student received a 1K euro bill.

The smoke alarm system in Germany is very sensitive and the residences such as hotels are mandatory installations. When the smoke concentration in the room reaches the specified standard, a very sharp siren will sound, and everyone will quickly run out. We do not think that this is a fuss. Last year, Daxing Fire in Beijing killed 19 people. If smoke alarms were installed at that time, the loss of personnel would not be so heavy.

German firefighters: 10 minutes arrive

Germans have a very strong sense of fire prevention. They are almost always vigilant about the fire. This can be seen from the early childhood education of Germans.

The German Kindergarten Association will set up a fire prevention and disaster prevention safety education program to organize children to visit the fire station and follow the Fire Uncle to learn about fire prevention and fire avoidance. The safety curriculum continues from kindergarten to university and runs through the entire career. Because of this, as soon as the German hears the siren of a fire engine, whether it is a pedestrian or a pedestrian, it will consciously avoid and let the fire engine arrive at the scene of the disaster as quickly as possible.

It is because of this fire prevention awareness that the German Fire Service will be able to reach the scene within 10 minutes after receiving the disaster warning .

Light alone is enough for our country to study hard. As the domestic fire exits are occupied, even the most basic home fire-fighting equipment in the residence is not willing to purchase, etc. Our country's fire education is far inferior to Germany.

German fire training

Professional firefighters in Germany must undergo training in fire schools to formally perform their posts. Normally, after 18 months of training at a fire academy , they can become junior commanders or professional technicians. They are then recruited at the state-level exam. After 27 months of senior fire officer training, they pass the exam. Thesis defense and other methods can become senior firefighters.

It is precisely because of this rigorous training assessment mechanism that firefighters in Germany have the reputation of “the most reliable person”. In the hearts of the Germans, firefighters are generally recognized for their good character and naturally they enjoy a high social status and trust.

This is also what China lacks. So far, there are 170,000 active firefighters in China, and active firefighters have been able to get on fire in the aftermath of 1-2 months of professional training and physical training, and have become the main force of rescue after 18 months. However , if the non-commissioned officers can't be transferred to military service after 2 years of service , they can only retire. This has caused the loss of firefighters in China to some extent. This year's fire reform, the "collective change of jobs" of fire service officers and soldiers is also a solution to this problem.

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